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Minnesota Wild @ Vancouver Canucks game recap

Late and brief, but worth the discussion maybe

Ben Nelms

A couple quick comments about last night's game (sorry I fell asleep guys...I think I'm still on Olympic schedule).

First, it is really nice to see the team rally around a bad call instead of let it get to them. After playing a game last night, the guys were noticeably tired. It would have been easy for the team to mail it in.

I have to admit that when the no-goal call was made, I was really nervous. We've seen it from the team before. The refs make a bad call and the team spirals down out of frustration.

It really seemed like the team took the call and thought "whatever man, we can win this game anyway". A lot of credit to Darcy Kuemper, who kept this team in the game during the 2nd and 3rd. The way he's been playing lately is exactly why people associated with Houston have been so high on him.

I don't have much more to add because I missed the last period/OT/SO, so make sure you check out the beat writer game recaps.

The Wild have some nice down time this week, but be prepared for a grueling schedule to finish out the season. The team plays 4 games a week for most of the remaining weeks of the schedule after that. There are a few weeks of 3 games, but not very many.