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Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition + Announcement

The Wild play a must-win game on the road against Phoenix, and Hockey Wilderness announces a new project.

Remember when the Wild could score on these chances? Let's hope they can do it tonight!
Remember when the Wild could score on these chances? Let's hope they can do it tonight!
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

My dad went through a phase a couple of years ago when he would declare every game "The Biggest Game of the Year". He eventually got bored with it, but he may want to revive it tonight.

Tonight's game at Phoenix just may be the biggest game of the season. The Minnesota Wild go into Phoenix leading the Coyotes by just one point, and are only four points ahead of the Dallas Stars after their victory last night.

There are plenty of questions going into the game. We do not know who the starting goaltender is going to be. Kuemper, who had been playing better than the Wild's record suggested, hit a wall in his last two games, allowing 8 goals. But on the other hand, Bryzgalov hasn't had a stretch where he singlehandedly saved the Minnesota Wild's season.

And then there's the matter of who will be scratched for tonight's game. Justin Fontaine has been scratched in two straight games, but there's a sense that Yeo may finally be at his breaking point with Dany Heatley. We'll see what happens.

The events of tonight merit close watching, as not only is there 26 percentage points on the line for the Wild's playoff chances in their game against Phoenix, but Dallas' game against St. Louis will have major implications.

Before we get to the Walk, I have the pleasure of announcing the Hockey Wilderness Podcast. This is a project we had wanted to do for a while, but never really got off the ground. Hopefully, we will get momentum, and in the process, give you a product that you'll enjoy very much. We have good people working on it, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

Our first episode will come out on April 7th. We will remind you about this. And you may follow our podcast on Twitter at @HWildernessCast. Please ask us questions you'd like us to address on the podcast!

On to the Walk.

Wild News

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Behind Enemy Lines

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