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NHL Trade Deadline Thread

Bookmark this thread to keep tabs on what's going on in the NHL on Trade Deadline Day!

Loungo has been freed!!
Loungo has been freed!!
Christian Petersen

Happy hockey holidays Wilderness! This years trade deadline is shaping up to be very busy, and if yesterday was any indication hockey fans are going to be strapped to their office chairs yelling "OH MY GOD"/"THEY TRADED FOR WHO?!/NOOOOOOO all-day.

This page will be updated as trades happen, so if you see something throw it in the comments WITH a source. Until it's confirmed by a trusted source (TSN really), it won't make it's way on the moves portion. Once they've announced it's happened, it will be moved from the Rumors group to the Moves so far.

Let's run down the trades made so far, and what they consist of.

Moves so far:

*Moves on 3/4*

  • Martin St. Louis to New York Rangers; Ryan Callahan, 2015 1st round, 2014 2nd round to Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Ales Hemsky to Ottawa Senators; 2014 5th round pick, 2015 3rd round to Edmonton Oilers
  • Devan Dubnyk to Montreal; Future considerations to Nashville Predators
  • Marian Gaborik to LA Kings, Matt Fratten and 2 picks to Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Bryanden McNabb, 2 2nd round picks to LA Kings, Hudson Fasching and Nicholas Deslaurier to Buffalo

This is a list of players who have been rumored to potentially be moved today. Have a player you think will be moved? Throw the name in the comments and why, and we'll see if they fit on the Potential moves to be made list.

Potential moves to be made

  • Christian Ehrhoff
  • Chris Phillips
  • Alexander Edler
  • Martin Brodeur
  • Cam Ward
  • Tim Thomas
  • Torrey Mitchell
  • Jaroslav Halak
  • Martin St. Louis
  • Thomas Vanek
  • Ryan Kesler
  • Ryan Callahan
  • Marian Gaborik
  • Matt Moulson
  • Mike Cammalleri
  • David Legwand
  • Drew Stafford
  • Ales Hemsky

Lastly, that brings us to the trades that someone who isn't a fake insider/Eklund have broken, but haven't been confirmed by someone who would know. If you find a trade and want it added in, add an Eklund level to it. If you're extremely positive it will be confirmed, give it an e5! If you're falling off your chair laughing because no one could ever actually think a rumored trade could happen, give it an e1.

Trade Rumors

  • Gaborik to Kings
  • Martin St. Louis to NYRs for Ryan Callahan, 1st and 2nd
  • Ales Hemsky to Ottawa for picks
  • Bryanden McNabb, 2 2nd round picks to LA Kings, Hudson Fasching and Nicholas Deslaurier to Buffalo

As I said yesterday, I am about 95% positive the Wild are NOT done trading. This is complete speculation, but they haven't placed Josh Harding or Niklas Backstrom on LTIR yet, which could happen after today in order to maximize the amount of salary they have free (again, this is complete speculation. I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone about it).

Prepare yourself Wilderness, the Minnesota Wild roster could change quite a bit over the course of today. *edit* We've moved to a new thread. Go here