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NHL Trade Deadline 2014 Recap: The Minnesota Wild Acquire Matt Moulson

In the biggest news of this trade deadline, the Wild have traded two 2nd round picks and Torrey Mitchell for Matt Moulson

Money. Power. Respect.
Money. Power. Respect.
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

So after all the speculation about Vanek, Brodeur, Stafford and others, the Wild have emerged from this deadline with Matt Moulson, Ilya Bryzgalov and Cody McCormick at the cost of a few draft picks and Torrey Mitchell.

-Here are the moves the Wild made over the last two days:



2014 4th Round Pick (BUF)

Ilya Bryzgalov

Torrey Mitchell, 2014 2nd Round Pick (WPG) & 2016 2nd Round Pick (MIN).

Matt Moulson & Cody McCormick

Overall, that's a nice bit of business. The picks given up aren't that big of a deal. Stretching the loss of that other 2nd round pick til 2016 is a good move.

-Here's how it worked out in terms of the cap:



$1,900,000 (2 years)







Cap Room=$735,604

So Chuck worked that pretty well, leaving the Wild close enough to the cap, but still with some room to breathe.

What are your thoughts on these trades, Wilderness?

There were a lot of other big moves today, so make sure you check out

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Some will be mad, some happy and, in the case of Oilers fans, very likely in mourning.

I'll be posting individual breakdowns of Moulson, McCormick and Mitchell as the evening goes on, so stay tund to Hockey Wilderness here and on Twitter.