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Minnesota Wild vs Nashville Predators: Over, done, now time for the playoffs

Wild fall 7-3 in a game that was, well forgettable.

Paul Bereswill

Unlike last season, the final game of the Minnesota Wild's 2013-2014 regular season had no impact on the final standings when it came to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Good thing too, because this game was pretty ugly.

On the plus side, Jason Pominville scored his 30th goal of the season, and became only the 4th player to do so in a Minnesota Wild jersey. He also scored 2 assists to put him at 60 points this season

Zach Parise scored his 29th goal of the season (despite missing 15 games), which gave him 56 points total. He tried hard to get goal number 30, but it looks like that will have to come in the "second season".

On the other hand, Ilya Brzygalov showed fans why some were leery at his signing. Granted he's played fantastic with tonight's game being the exception, but with the team facing Colorado on Thursday, letting in 4 goals on 5 shots is concerning.

A beat writer from the Perds gave Wild fans a good lesson tonight. No matter who is involved, advocating for a player injury is never ok. It makes you look like a tool, and discredits any knowledge you may bring to the table. So let's keep that in mind for the Wild's playoff run. It's also grounds for a temp ban (at least) here.

Thankfully, tonight's game means absolutely nothing as long as it doesn't shake the Wild's confidence going into the playoffs. After the game, the team made it pretty clear that they were in "don't get hurt" mode, and honestly that's for the best.

The Wild have an off day tomorrow, and will have 2 practices before heading to Colorado for games one and two. Buckle up Wilderness, will be hitting playoff coverage full force tomorrow, and won't be looking back.