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Hockey Wilderness 2014 Playoffs Bracket Challenge

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It's the playoffs, so I thought we should have a little bit of fun with it!

Bruce Bennett

You all are probably familiar with the business of March Madness and everyone losing their minds over busted brackets and improbable victories from teams that never should have been there in the first place. Well it's that time of year for hockey fans. Time for you to flex those elite hockey mind muscles and predict how the 2014 NHL Playoffs with shake out.

Here at Hockey Wilderness we have organized a little contest to get you involved more around the site. It's all in good fun, but we do have a few rules people to try to mitigate total anarchy. The rules are really very simple, so simple in fact I feel like it doesn't need to be said. We will go through it anyways just so we have it all written down.

  1. Download your Hockey Wilderness 2014 Bracket Challenge spreadsheet.
  2. Fill the thing out, be sure to include the number of games each series will go to as this will be used as a tie-breaker.
  3. Email the spreadsheet back to me at:
  4. Be sure to include your name, and SB Nation screen name so we know who you are.
  5. Brackets must be submitted by Wednesday, April 16th by 6 pm CST in order to be entered in this contest.

For each correct prediction you will receive 1 point. You will also receive a point that will only count in a tie-breaker situation if you correctly guess the number of games to get a winner in each series. In the event the tie-breaker fails to produce a clear winner, all parties involved will duel at 20 paces, or I could just flip a coin or something to decide who is the supreme winner of the Hockey Wilderness 2014 Bracket Challenge.

I know what your all thinking, "Hey, Noogie, no love for the winner? How about you dig up some of that buried treasure for being so awesome?" Well, we got you covered folks. Not only will the winner receive bragging rights for an entire year (or until they become bored with it) but you will also receive a fancy, one of a kind (not really) hockey related (Wild) T-Shirt!

I believe it goes without saying that is a pretty hot prize pack. Also it should go without saying that those of us on staff are not eligible to win, though we can participate just for poops and laughs. All decisions with regards to rules and winner will be made by staff, and are final. If not satisfied with your bracket please return unused portion for a full refund.