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Wilderness Walk: #BecauseItsNotYourTurn Edition

With just 2 more sleeps before we begin our march through the playoffs towards Lord Stanley's Cup, the Wild are looking to get healthy and get

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Granlund > Stastny
Granlund > Stastny

Holy moly Wilderness!  That escalated quickly!  It truly is amazing and oh so humorous to me when a satirical post draws so much ire from another fan base that they all (or a few loyal if not stubborn fans at least) come flocking over here to defend themselves and their team.  If you missed out, you may want to set aside a solid hour block of time and lock yourself away in a room and visit the article Em posted yesterday.  Things were kept mostly civil, although some of the comments out there I really thought went a bit overboard, but I'm not one to start dropping hammers on people for minor altercations either.

At any rate Wild fans, we have just 2 more sleeps before the 2014 playoffs kick off for your Minnesota Wild.  The Wild will be in Denver this Thursday to start their dismantling of the Colorado Avalanche triggering enough tears out of Colorado to fill the Grand Canyon and a feast of words Avalanche fans will be forced to eat.  Of course, with the legalization of a certain plant in Colorado, you can rest assured they will all be plenty hungry for words and probably Cheetos.

In other news, we are running a contest here at Hockey Wilderness for the playoffs.  It's the Hockey Wilderness 2014 Playoffs Bracket Challenge! Be sure to stop by that post and pick up your 2014 Bracket Challenge spreadsheet, fill it out and send it in before the games kick off this Wednesday.  Details can all be found on the post, so grab yourself a bracket and flex that muscle between your ears.

Speaking of ears, have you listened to the Hockey Wilderness Podcast, Episode 2 yet?  Ger, Tony, Joe and myself discuss the Blues ship sinking, Mike Rupp and his suspension.  We also look forward to the playoffs as well as answer your twitter questions and poke fun at our apparent lack of knowledge of the alphabet.  Maybe listen to that while your spending your time this today reading through all the comments on Emilie's post yesterday.

Wild News

VIDEO: Dog can't get enough of watching the Minnesota Wild -
This dog puts some Minnesota Wild fans to shame!

Once limping toward postseason, Minnesota Wild now breaking down the door -
The Wild have had their ups and downs as the season moved along, but they seem to have found their stride and the timing could not be better.

Wild: Captain Mikko Koivu knows how precious playoffs are -
The Kaptain has been the rock on this team, bringing skill and leadership to a younger core of up and comers who look to make a serious push in these playoffs.

Zulgad: Wild won't be favored against Avs but expectations exist this time | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities
It's time for the Wild to stop talking about it and start performing. The season has been somewhat successful, but it really wont truly be a success unless they can make a good run this year.

Wild finishes strong after desert summit conducted by leaders | Star Tribune
The leaders on the team sat down for one-on-one conversations with the team, and everything seemed to fall into place. They should do that more often.

A year later, Pominville gives Wild an added playoff weapon | Star Tribune
Jason Pominville will be healthy for this years post-season, and could be a huge difference maker.

For the Love of the Playoff Beard | Gone Puck Wild
If I wanted to grow a playoff beard, I would have had to start about 4 months ago. Oh well ....

Wild: Haula's been good, but healthy Granlund would get old job back -
Haula is well aware that his time as the 2nd line center is limited.

Six years later, Parrish is on Wild payroll no more | Star Tribune

Why the Minnesota Wild will win the Stanley Cup - Avalanche vs Wild - 2014 SCP First Round
Ya know, I'm all for playing the part of the homer, making outlandish claims to glory and all that jazz. However, if i'm to be a logical human being, I cannot get behind this headline, without of course saying "naa-nee-naa-nee-boo-boo!"

Avs could be without veterans Hejda, Mitchell to start Wild series | ProHockeyTalk
They will certainly miss the veterans, but missing Hejda and Mitchell is not nearly as big a blow as missing Matt Duchene.

Tending the Fields

Mallards goalies putting wins over self | Des Moines Register
The Mallards goaltending core is very team aware, and ready to make whatever sacrifices are needed for the good of the team.

Off the Trail

Barry Trotz done with Predators after 15 seasons | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
In a move that came as no surprise to anyone, Trotz is out in Nashville leaving what was one of the most stable benches in the NHL. No doubt he will find a new home in the NHL before too long.

The road to the Stanley Cup is filled with goalie trouble - The Globe and Mail
The Wild are certainly not the only team to have questions between the pipes.

2014 NHL Draft Lottery to be conducted Tuesday, April 15 - 2014 NHL Draft
It won't be long before we find out the Edmonton Oilers will be on the clock, ready to squander yet another first round pick.

Leafs ‘lack an identity,’ says Leiweke | ProHockeyTalk
That, and the ability to play hockey.

Jon Cooper has wild idea about how to change home-ice advantage | ProHockeyTalk
Yeah, no!

Snow says Capuano will be back as Isles coach | ProHockeyTalk
Is Garth Snow really in any position to make decisions for the Islanders going forward?

A look at 10 things to watch in the NHL playoffs - Yahoo Sports
From the new format to Teemu Selanne playing in his final playoffs, the story-lines for these playoffs look to make things a lot of fun in the next couple months.

Western Conference Preview - Yahoo Sports
Breaking down the Western Conference match-ups, see if you agree with the picks here.

Ranking Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014: Which first-round series is must-see? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Besides watching the Wild beat up on the Avalanche, which other playoff series should you be watching.

Hockey fans litter the ice with underwear after goal (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
An interesting little promotion in the ECHL, all for a good cause so what's not to like?