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Stanley Cup Playoffs: MN vs COL game 1 post game

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Gross game. Should have been a W

Doug Pensinger

The Minnesota Wild were close to doing the unthinkable to most tonight. Going into the 3rd period they were up 4-2, but in the end the team ended up losing in OT.

First things first, the Avalanche didn't win this game. The Wild lost it, plain and simple. There were some exceptions, but this was the Wild's game to lose after the first period.

Kyle Brodziak basically scored 2 goals, one for the Wild and one for the Avs. His turnover was stupid, and he of all people should know that his head needs to be on the play all the time. No time for mental breaks when you're on the ice.

Jared Spurgeon had a rough game as well. His turnover at the end of the 3rd is what sent this game into OT. You've all seen it, so I'm not going to break it down.

Why Erik Johnson knocking the net off at the end of the 3rd wasn't a penalty I'll never understand, but it is what it is.

Vent your heart out Wilderness, this was a stupid game. The Wild are back at it Saturday night at 8:30.