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Minnesota Wild @ Colorado Avalanche: Game Preview

Your Minnesota Wild look to shake off a late game disaster and strike back against the Avalanche.

Bryz strong on the puck.
Bryz strong on the puck.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

"Forget it, and move on."

Going into the Wild's locker room tonight these words should probably not even be spoken. To even mention it would be a reminder of the late game collapse the Wild experienced in game 1. They just need to forget it, completely.

Just something to get your mind off it already.

The Wild's stumble out of the gate should serve as a lesson on how you can not take a shift off, especially in the playoffs where small victories on the ice typically lead to big rewards. I saw a lot of folks on the twitter (maybe, just one in particular) who were just humongous big pissed at the officiating of game 1.

Get over it.

Sometimes a situation does suck, but you have to adjust and be able to battle back from any setback. You have to not put yourself in the position to take stupid penalties, and forget about what they are doing and focus on yourself. For the greater part of the game, the Wild were the better team on the ice in game 1. The only part that matters however is which team was playing better at the end, and you can't fault the Av's for being a good team.

Sounds like the Wild will get Darcy Kuemper back tonight, as he will likely backup Ilya Brzygalov starting in net tonight. Another change we may see this evening is Kyle Brodziak getting time with Cody McCormick and Stephane Veilleux on the 4th line and Erik Haula centering Matt Cooke and Nino Niederreiter on the 3rd line.

Tonight's "at least it's not a west coast game" 8:30 puck drop will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and possibly throwing things at your T.V. Remember, just 5 more games till the Wild clinch the series.