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Wilderness Walk: Day Off Edition

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The Wild get a brief respite in this condensed schedule. Injury information should trickle out today.

No one tell Bryz about the bear on his helmet.
No one tell Bryz about the bear on his helmet.
Harry How

Yeah, not a lot has happened since I left you yesterday. We're still getting to know the new Wild defenseman Christian Folin. If you look around the Wilderness, you'll get some good info on Jared Spurgeon and the Frozen 4. But as for any Wild news? Nothing.

This will change early today, when the Wild have practice, and we find out to what extent Wild forwards Mikael "Not Michael" Granlund and Nino Niederreiter are injured. Both are suspected to have sustained head injuries, and this information will start leaking out today.

As for the playoff picture, the Wild aren't having a great night in that regard. The Dallas Stars throttled Washington 5-0 tonight, and moved four points behind Minnesota in the Wild Card race. They have a game in hand on the Wild, and play a winnable game against Carolina on Thursday.

Phoenix is now tied with Dallas for points after falling in the shootout to Winnipeg 2-1. Phoenix does not have any games in hand on the Wild, and faces a tough match-up at Los Angeles tomorrow.

On to the Walk.

Wild News

Wild: Big line gets biggest goals from its smallest player, Zach Parise - This title sounds like the premise of a children's book.

Minnesota Wild: Road trip gives Zach, J.P. Parise time to bond, reminisce - That's nice. Can we get to the playoffs so we don't have to reminisce about a collapse, please?

Tending the Fields

The Team of 18,001: A New Face In The State Of Hockey: Christian Folin- Get to know the new guy, who probably won't play until the Wild clinch a playoff spot.

Minnesota Wild Prospects Brassart, Gabriel Join Iowa Wild on ATOs- Kurtis "The Reachy Bust" Gabriel will be in Iowa.

2014 NHL mock draft 1.0 - Sam Reinhart goes first overall - ESPN- Who would you like to see the Wild draft, Wilderness?

Off the Trail

NHL -- Is this the year the St. Louis Blues end their long Stanley Cup drought? - ESPN- Hopefully not. It'd be nice to see the Wild dethrone them in the first round. It would also be nice to not see snow today.

Your Guide to the Rest of the NHL Regular Season- Grantland- What to watch during crunch time.

Mark Giordano has dragged the Calgary Flames from awful to not very good | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | MVP! MVP! MVP!

On the Anaheim Ducks big comeback over the Winnipeg Jets, and why "score effects" exist | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | Human Nature.

Oilers supporter takes out ad apologizing to team for jersey-tossing fans | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What a loser.

Ilya Kovalchuk's no. 71 gets 'retired' by junior team he didn't report to after import draft | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Will New Jersey follow suit?

Nick Kroll stole the Stanley Cup and the NHL hopes you care that he did | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Stanley Cup- FOREVER UNCLEAN!

The Best NHL Alternate Jerseys (90s Edition)- It wasn't an April Fool's Day joke, as Wild Wing was excluded.