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Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche: POST GAME PAAAAAR-TAAAAY

Wild win 1-0 in OT. Make sure to do a wellness check on being alive after that one.

Hannah Foslien

What a game tonight Wilderness. I don't know how we managed to make it out without eating our fingers off, but here we are typing away all of our OMG WTF BBQ FBJ!!!!!!!!

If I remember correctly, a soon to be former editor mentioned that in order for the Wild to be competitive this series, one Mikael (or Michael if you're an idiot) Granlund would need to step up and get the job done.

Thank god the young one did that tonight. Mike Yeo was asked about Mikael Granlund's performance tonight, and he simply responded with "He took it to a new level"

The Wild battled all night, and refused to give up even when things got tough. Darcy Kuemper earned his first Stanley Cup Playoff shutout. I said it online and I'll say it again, that man deserves all the love Minnesota has to give.

The bad side of tonight however was Matt Cooke. I have only seen a few clips of the play in question, and honestly, even IF (and it's a big if) it was meant to be an innocent play, Cooke has more than earned the reputation he has. You can't do the things he's done and expect to get any leeway.

Mike Yeo will talk to the media tomorrow at 2pm, and I suspect we will know Cooke's fate by then.