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Wilderness Walk: Granlund the Great Edition

Mikael Granlund is this year's playoff hero, scoring the overtime goal in dramatic fashion.

Matt Cooke has no friends in Colorado. Or with the Department of Player Safety.
Matt Cooke has no friends in Colorado. Or with the Department of Player Safety.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

You have to almost try to not score on 45 shots.

Every second that ticked off the clock at the Xcel Energy Center felt like one second closer to disappointment. We'd seen this before. We've seen the Wild dominate shot totals and possession, only to lose. We've seen hot goalies completely shut down the Wild. We've seen games- including this playoff series- where the Wild have let the opposing team hang in there when they ought to have been pulling away, only to let it bite them in the end.

So, I faced overtime in last night's game with dread. Call me someone who is #faith-less, or whatever. I probably am. But it looked like no one was going to beat Varlamov.

But Mikael Granlund, whom many in the Wild fandom did not want to make the team ahead of last year's playoff hero, Jason Zucker, took the team on his back and did some playoff heroics of his own. He evaded a Jan Hejda check and went across the ice, controlling the puck through traffic, until he fell down to the ice and fired the puck into a massive and well-earned opening in the net.

The Wild are back in this series, and are a cleared puck away from being up 2-1. The Wild dominated the Avalanche and played like they were playing early on in the season, right down to the low-as-all-hell shooting luck. Whether it was having last change, or simply adjusting, the Wild did a fine job of containing Nate MacKinnon and company, leaving him, Landeskog, and Stastny to a combined 7 shots.

Not everything was perfect, though. The Wild played Nino Niederreiter for less time than Justin Fontaine and Dany Heatley, which is pretty much inexcusable. Jonathon Blum is still missed, at least by me. I'd like to see both those things changed by the next game.

But the Wild finally got a win on the board, so it's a pretty good night, no matter what.

Before you go onto the Walk, please make sure to check out the Hockey Wilderness Podcast. We're on Episode 3, and we're very hopeful you'll like the results.

Yesterday's Playoff Results

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Wild News

Game Recaps

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Mikael Granlund is OT Hero in Game Three

Other News

Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit injures Tyson Barrie in Game 3; suspension coming? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- I like the idea of the Wild playing with more of an edge. I really do. But there's a line between doing something that will give the other guy a little extra amount of pain, and knocking a guy out for 4-6 weeks. Matt Cooke will be suspended- at best, it was a reckless play, and at worst, it was an attempt to injure. Barrie is injured. There will be retribution.

Matt Cooke faces suspension, offered in-person hearing with NHL | Russo's Rants | That said, an in-person hearing with the NHL means that the NHL will have the right to suspend Cooke for more than 5 games. And I think that's kinda bull. When was the last time a knee-on-knee got more than 5 games?

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Minnesota Wild: Confident or not, 0-2 deficit calls for change - Fontaine entering the game for Veilleux wasn't a surprise, but seeing Brodziak benched for Heatley certainly was, at least on my end.

The Team of 18,001: Success Does Not Happen Overnight- I said this to GIles on Twitter, but I don't think people are angry because the Wild aren't going to make a Cup run right away. People were upset because they gave away Game 1, and they got out-classed by a team they shouldn't have been wildly out-played by in Game 2.

Avalanche News

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Off the Trail

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