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Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition

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Tonight, the Wild look to even this series up at 2 games a piece.

Here Peter Forsberg is seen in his native diving habitat!
Here Peter Forsberg is seen in his native diving habitat!
John Grieshop

Wilderness Walk: Game Day Edition

When I think of the Colorado Avalanche a few things instantly come to mind:
•    Fingers in a snow blower
•    Peter Forsberg diving 4-5 times a game
•    Andrew Brunette ending Patrick Roy’s career in style.
•    And an odd mountain-yeti-foot logo that makes are Minnesota man-bear-pig-forest logo look good.

Game 4 of the Wild vs. Avalanche playoff series is tonight at 8:30pm! If you’re not excited about this game you may want to recheck your pulse. The main story line is of course the Matt Cooke suspension drama. Was seven games to many? How will the loss of Cooke affect the lineup, specifically the pk. How will Colorado respond? Will Patrick Roy and Mike Yeo meet at the center of the ice and settle this like men? But I would like to focus on a completely different topic.

…Why are we not bigger rivals with the Colorado Avalanche?

For two teams that have been consistently playing one another over the past 14 years, we seem to have very little animosity towards each other. In the old Northwest division all anyone talked about was the hated ginger twin lead Vancouver Canucks. When the new Central division was created all anyone could talk about was how excited they were to play Chicago, Winnipeg, Dallas, and St. Louis. Even playing Nashville garnered more attention than Colorado, you know you are all secretly wondering if Tennessee can honestly booo Ryan Suter for the next 11 seasons!! No one, and I repeat no one said a thing about Colorado. Divisional foes, playoff history, and still nothing.

Why don’t these two teams hate each other?

Maybe this Matt Cooke hit was exactly what we all needed!!! Nothing builds a rivalry like a swift knee on knee collision. Here’s to the Central

Here is the rest of your Walk

Wild News

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Avalanche News

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lineups changes for Game 4

Other News

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Wes Walz will be the head coach of the Wild in 10 years.

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