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Wilderness Walk: Minnesota Sports Edtion

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What more does a Wild team have to do?
The Hockey Gods

For both calming and ironic purposes, start blasting this:

Last night, the Wild got fucked six ways from Sunday were on the wrong side of some unfortunate calls/non-calls, but don't worry about it because off-sides is just a "rule" we like to throw around here and there and saying that a goal which resulted from an off-side cost us the game is just an excuse! If the Wild REALLY wanted that game, they should have picked up the puck and jumped into the opposing net.

In all non-caustic seriousness, the Wild got fucked six ways from Sunday. The reffing was abysmal for both sides tonight (albeit one side more than the other), even by your typical Wild home game standards. Although the Ryan Suter turnover that led to a Cody McLeod goal was "a damn shame", it's hard to blame this loss on the Wild. Just because you didn't play a perfect game in a one goal game in the playoffs doesn't mean that you don't deserve the win. Or that getting absolutely screwed over by the refs in a way that results in a goal against in said one-goal game is totally on you because you could only manage a one goal lead in the playoffs.

Seriously, fuck you Avs fans (who follow said philosophy).

As someone who got home just in time for the 3rd period, here are my takeaways:

  • Wow, Jonas Brodin is terrible.
  • Where is the 3rd line forecheck and what have you done with her, 3rd line?
  • My goodness, was that Mikko Koivu pass to Coyle terrible. People can blame Jan Hejda's hold on they want, but none of this would have happened if Koivu could make a 10 foot pass on the defensive blue line tape-to-tape. You just can't NOT do that. That's how you get benched at any level of hockey, excluding the NHL of course.
  • Welp, there's you're scheduled (and very costly) Jared Spurgeon turnover off of a bad clearing attempt.

Now for a very stiff, brisk, and painfully awkward Walk.

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Or else.

Other News

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The best remedy for a crushing defeat in sports is too look at the Leafs successes and think about about how much better off you are. Because watching their defeats are just way too hard to take seriously.

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And before you take the time to write out a clever comment, no. The refs are not on this list.

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And the entire hockey world sighs...*sigh*

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This video. It's nothing short of amazing. You pretty much HAVE to stop by and give this guy a view and a like.