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Minnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche: GAME SEVEN IS ON

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Wild tie the series up 3-3, it's now or never time Wednesday

Hannah Foslien

Oh it's friggin on Wilderness. The Wild pulled it together just in time to knock it to the Colorado Avalanche hardcore tonight and walk away forcing a Game 7 for the first time in this season's Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Wild started off strong with great goals from Zach Parise and Mikael Granlund. Granlund's goal was a pretty shot right through Semyon Varlamov's 5 hole, and it torn the roof off the building.

The Wild received a dreaded 5 on 3 powerplay in their favor, and it changed the momenteum of the game completely. Seriously, how does a team consisitently do WORSE when they have more guys on the ice?

Anyway, a horrible shot attempt from Ryan Suter came back and connected with Paul Stastny, who scored the shorthanded goal and brought the Avalanche within one. The second period mirrored the end of the first, and the Wild looked like they were in serious trouble. Nick Holden scored in the second to tie the game up at 2.

The third period saw the Wild that dominated the Avalanche return. It took 13:31 minutes, but Parise finally got it done. He laid it all out on the ice, blocking shots and taking down guys, and was gifted the eventual game winner in return.

And of course, most importantly, THE WILD SCORED AN EMPTY NET GOAL!!!!!!!! TWO ACTUALLY!!!!!!

Here's the good news Wild fans. The Wild play best when their backs are against the wall, when it's go big or go home time. It doesn't get any bigger than this right now.

Know what else they have on their side? Leadership. We've seen Gabriel Landeskog and Cody McLeod show their leadership skills by making some questionable plays. You know what Zach Parise and Mikko Koivu have been doing? Grinding games out and being involved in the big plays.

See you back here Wednesday night Wilderness. No word on game time, but it could be a normal game time for us if New York puts away the Flyers tomorrow night.