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Game 7: Quick Facts & Stats

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A quick look at one of the most exciting events in sports. Do the Wild have a chance?

Doug Pensinger

It's what all hockey fans live for.  Do or die.  Game 7.  It doesn't get much better than this!

Here's some quick facts on Game 7:

  • In 1987, the league made the brilliant move of extending all playoff rounds to a best of seven format.  Since then, a total of 105 out 400 series have made it to Game 7, about 26%.
  • For added drama, a game 7 was needed to decide 8 Stanley Cup Finals since 1987.  The most recent was in 2011 when Boston defeated Vancouver.
  • The Minnesota Wild are 2-0 in Game 7s, defeating both Colorado and Vancouver in 2003.  Both games were on the road.
  • The Wild and the Hurricanes are the only teams in the NHL to have never lost a Game 7.  Carolina is 4-0.
  • Ottawa (0-5) and Phoenix (0-3) have never won a Game 7.  Nashville, Columbus, and Winnipeg have never played in one.
  • The Avalanche are 4-5, but have not played in one since the fateful 2003 series.  The last time they won, it was against San Jose in 2002.  They are 4-2 at home.
  • The Wild have 8 players on their roster who have played in a game 7, making 20 total games of experience.  Matt Cooke has played the most with 7, going 3-4.
  • Of these 8 players, only 4 (Dany Heatley, Cody McCormick, Zach Parise, and Jason Pominville) are expected to start.  The others with experience are Matt Cooke, Mike Rupp, Keith Ballard, and Ilya Bryzgalov.
  • The Avalanche have 6 players on their roster with experience.  However, only two (Maxime Talbot and Semyon Varlamov) are expected to play.  Talbot is 2-2 in his games played.  Alex Tanguay has the most with 8 appearances.
  • Varlamov is 1-2 with a 2.99 goals against average and .857 save percentage.
  • Since 1987, the home team is 64-41 (61%)
  • Teams that won Game 6 are 54-51 (51%) in Game 7s.

Basically, this is anyone's game, regardless of how the series has gone up to this point.  If you thought the last few games have been stressful, you ain't seen nothing yet!


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