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Minnesota Wild vs Winnipeg Jets: Magic number=1

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Wild walk away with 2 points in their last road game of the season

Harry How

It wasn't pretty, but the team got it done. We break it down into the good and the bad for tonight's game in Winnipeg

The Good:

  • 2pts! The Wild are all but assured a playoff spot now. 2 more points, regardless of how Phoenix or Dallas does clinches the 7th seed. At this point, both teams would need to win straight 100% and the Wild lose 100% for the team to miss. WOOOOO!
  • Holy shit Bryz. We got you for a 4th round pick. You've been fantastic. Please stay.
  • No injuries! The whole team made it through the game alive. We'll take it.

The Bad:

  • Low tempo. The Wild need to stop playing down to their opponents. The Jets played like crap, and the Wild played a few levels above crap, but nowhere near "good". The playoffs will be here soon, and they need to play THEIR game, every game.
  • Zach Parise and his penalties. One of them was stupid and shouldn't have been a penalty. The first one was defiantly a good call. Not overly concerned yet, but as an extremely disciplined player he needs to be a bit smarter about the penalties he's taking.

Looking ahead:

  • Magic number is 1 for 8th and 2 for 7th seed
  • Wild play Boston tomorrow in MN, the Blues on Thursday and Nashville on Sunday

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