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Episode #7 Of The Hockey Wilderness Podcast Is Now Available

More fun hockey discussion with Hockey Wilderness writers and guests.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest episode of the Hockey Wilderness podcast, Tony Wiseau (@TonyWiseau), Ger Devine (@GerDevine), Aaron Holm (@TheNoogie) and Emilie Wiener (@eminemilie) chat about the series so far with Jen LC (@RegressedPDO), the resident stats nerd over at Second City Hockey. They also answer this week's batch of your Twitter questions at the end. It's an hour of good hockey talk and laughs that you don't wanna miss.

Check it out on BlogTalkRadio or via stream below. Make sure to share it around so more Wild fans hear it.

Follow us @HockeyWildernes and @HWildernessPodcast.

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