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Wilderness Walk: The "It Feels Like We've Been Here Before" Edition

The Wild are in familiar territory, going down 3-2 in the series against a favored opponent. Today is the day of rest before the Game 6 showdown tomorrow at the X

Hannah Foslien

Hey Wilderness!

Normally, I supply some music for your walking pleasure, but instead I will offer this: if you haven't started listening to the Hockey Wilderness Podcast now, GET ON IT.

Last night's game is done. It's over. We now have to wait but a day to see game 6, back here at the X. Here's to hoping that same crowd shows up tonight that was there on Friday.

For all of you seeking moral victories: this thing ain't done. We've played well 3 1/2 games, and the Hawks have played well for maybe 1 1/2. We can win this, and we've been here before- 2 weeks ago.

And now: On to the Walk

Game Recaps:

Star Tribune: Wild Lose 2-1, down in series 3-2

Puck Daddy: WILD Rangers top Pens to Force Game 7- 'nuff said

Puck Daddy: St. Louis Scores to Force Game 7- This means a late start for Game 6 for us.

Wild News:

Star Tribune: Bryzgalov Strong in Net Despite Loss- This was a team loss, not a Bryz failure.
Souhan: Stop Hating Fletcher for Leddy Trade- Does anyone still? I've yet to see anyone who truly loathes GMCF. Now, the Pohlads, on the other hand... Also funny that he thinks no one hates Norm Green anymore (eff that guy).
Star Tribune: Bits and Thoughts from Game 5- Russo shares some thoughts on the Wild's loss.
Pioneer Press: Blackhawks Seem Surprised by Wild- Tom Powers, with the most unique take since the latest HW Podcast, thinks the Blackhawks are surprised by how well the The Wild have played.
Pioneer Press: Marco Scandella Models Consistency- Scandy-Candy has very quietly having a great season, and has arguably been one of the top possession defensemen for the Wild this season.
The Hockey Writers: The Minnesota Wild and the Hierarchy of Playoff Scoring- REALLY interesting article about our Wild and who has been scoring for them. As of Saturday morning, we led the league with 16 different scorers.

Tending the Fields

SBN: An Early Look at 2014-15- A look at the upcoming draft (it's closer than you think).

On the Pitch

Minnesota A Preview of MNU vs. New York Cosmos- This game is actually pretty crucial, not just to the standings but as a measuring stick of how the team really is this year. The Cosmos are regularly brilliant, and it will be exciting to see them match up against our Loons.
The Relegated: Minnesota United Weekly News Wrap-Up- Quickly becoming a favorite site of mine, this is a very comprehensive listing of all news to have taken place this week with your Minnesota United FC

Off the Trail

Puck Daddy: Thornton fined for squirting Subban- There's a headline for you.
Pro Hockey Talk: Leafs Players not Surprised by Carlyle Return- They are apparently the only ones. See this fan video for a fan reaction. (SOME LANGUAGE NSFW)