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Hawks @ Wild, Preview Game 6: Actually, We Can

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With our backs against the wall, Minnesota reutrns home to the X to continue the series.


After becoming the first team to drop a game after scoring first, the Wild dropped game five in Chicago. Tonight the Wild are back at the X where they have yet to lose a single game this playoffs. Minnesota has outscored its opponents, 16-5, during five games on home ice this postseason, including 8-0 in the third period. Hence why public enemy number one from the team of 19,000 have been chanting CRAAAWWWFOORRDDD for three periods.

Minnesota enters Game 6 with an all-time record of 3-1 in game six of a series, including 3-0 at Xcel Energy Center. The Wild are trying to become the first NHL team to force two consecutive Game 7s in the same postseason without holding a series lead since the New York Islanders in 1987. In five games at Xcel Energy Center this postseason, the Wild has limited its opponents to 96 shots, an average of 19.2 per game.  Considering this is the same team that has something called a Kane and Towes (Tays? Toes?) and a cast of others that only 20% of Blackhawk fans can name, is impressive.

Today must of been blog about the Wild day, as John Buccigross wrote a piece about how awesome the Wild are. While Deadspin did a piece on how the Wild are learning the hard way by signing two superstars to identical "massive" contracts. You probably already read the piece, but here's a snippet:

"Fletcher was right when he said it was a huge step forward, but it certainly wasn't enough of one. Case in point: This playoff and last against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Wild have been run out of the building in most games against their nearest geographical rivals. The reason for this is simple: The Blackhawks are a great team, and the Wild — even with Parise and Suter — are merely a decent one."

Run out of the building? Really? I mean yeah games 1, 2 weren't the best games the Wild have played, but this team has given Chicago a run for their money, champ. Maybe he (Ryan Lampart) only watches east-coast hockey, but to say we've been run out of the building is as foolish as me saying were not a defensive hockey team.

"Parise and Suter are valuable players for the Wild and would be for any team, no doubt, but all they've done is elevate the Wild from yearly playoff-misser to yearly playoff fodder. They're better, but not good enough to compete with the Chicagos and L.A.s of the West"

Correct me if i'm wrong, but putting the defending champs to a game six isn't competing? I could show you those facts I posted above but I still don't know if Mr. Lampart would still watch the game (or the series). Currently the Wild lead the NHL with 16 different players scoring goals this postseason (including six who are 24 or younger). But yeah, it still isnt enough for some. Minnesota outhit Chicago, 48-31, in Game 5 – setting a franchise record for most hits in a game (regular season or playoffs). Again the competition in this series has DEFINITELY NOT been one sided.

Just two changes in the lineup for Minnesota tonight, Keith Ballard replaces Nate Prosser and Darcy Kuemper will dress and back-up Ilya Bryzgalov. Mr. Russo also alliterated that today’s the three-year anniversary of Derek Boogaard’s death. So For Boogie, The X, The Wilderness and Mr. Lampart. LETS GO WILD.