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Wilderness Walk: The Lucky Bounce Edition

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Patrick Kane ends the Minnesota Wild's season on a lucky bounce in overtime! Terrible ending to a hard fought series.

Patty Kane Strikes Again. Lucky %$#^!
Patty Kane Strikes Again. Lucky %$#^!
Jonathan Daniel

I’m writing this a day early, I constructed responses to both potential outcomes (Scenarios 1&2) for Tuesdays game 6. Hopefully it goes well, but read the response that correlates to the results of the game. All I want for Christmas is another Game 7.

Scenario 1: Elimination

Well it finally happened, the Wild’s impressive home record has been tarnished.
As a result of last nights elimination: tears were shed, dreams were crushed, hearts were broken, and Beards were shaved.

After reflecting on the loss, I see plenty to be excited about with this team going forward. Minnesota played well in these playoffs, heck at times we outplayed the defending champs. We showed heart when we defeated the Avalanche. We showed guts battling back against Chicago(arguably the best team in the league). But most importantly our young players took leaps and bounds during these playoffs. Nino and Coyle are playing great together, and look determined to stay on the first line next season. The defense played well making it difficult for the likes of MacKinnon, Toews, and Kane. Haula is playing lights out, I never thought I could like an ex-Gopher so much!! Go Sioux! Of course I’m upset, heck it’s bull that a series this close has to end at all, but we accomplished plenty this year. We gained experience, added fans, built rivalries, and ESPN actually mentioned us this postseason! This is just a building block, I can’t wait to see what next years playoff team brings to the table.

Also if anyone cares, Bryan Bickell is now my least favorite player in the NHL. I’m as surprised as you considering both Burrows and Bertuzzi are still technically NHL players.

Scenario 2: Sweet Victory

Holy crap we won!!!! I can’t believe we won!!!! ....this is awesome:)
Please somebody check on Dinkytown, it could be on fire!
Bring on game 7, nothing beats a game 7.

"If we are headed to a game 7 watch this"

On to your Walk

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