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Wilderness Walk: "What do we do now?" Edition

Speculate, that's what!

Jonathan Daniel

Yeah. Losing sucks, but at least we beat Colorado...said every Wild fan ever since 2003.

And be sure to keep the tradition going throughout the entire off-season for yer good ol' boy Dashy and the rest of the crew here at HW who are almost certainly banned from MHH. And if you're a MHH reader, notice how you can actually sound off against me in the comments! #WhyNotBeFriends

Speaking of "off-season", lets dwell on (and drool over) our depth going into the future. In Yesterday's walk, Warren went over his views on the moves we should make during this upcoming off-season. Now I'm going to assess what we actually have and have to move.

Here's a little depth chart, not line combo's, of mine basically stating their potentials by league standards, not just the Wild.


Parise(1st line)-Koivu(1st line)-Pommer(1st line)

Nino(1st line)-FBJ(1st line)-Coyle(In my opinion he's going to be a top 5 power forward in this league, but let's go with 2nd)

Zucker(All the talent to be a 2nd line scorer, but, honestly, who knows?)-Haula(2nd/Elite 3rd)-Fonzy(3rd)

Cooke(3rd)-Brodz(3rd, don't even bother saying 4th)-Bulmer(3rd, tools to be a 2nd)

Bussieres(2nd liner based off of Marchand-ness, realistic 3rd)- Graovac(Solid, Solid, 3rd liner)-Gabriel(Not a clue)

Zack. Phucking. Phillips.(Potential 1st ballot enigma a.k.a. "Does Fletch even know?")-Brassart(You tell me.)-Mitchell(His stats look hella good)

McCormick(4th, but please bring this guy back. He was great in the playoffs, has great wheels, and is a damn good PKer.

Mario Luigi Lucia (2nd line at least, holy crap can this guy bury pucks. He's going to be something special.)


Suter(Franchise)-Brodin(Serious debate here. Last year: No doubt top 2. This year: 1st ballot #Stoner2Hossa)

Pizza(Top 4)-Spurge(Elite Top 4)

Folin(I haven't watched him)-Olofsson(Solid, solid Top 4)

Blum(Fringe Top 4/bottom 6 puck mover)-Dumba(Wanna say fringe Top 2, but with a risk-taking d-man you never know)

Cuma(Want with all my heart to see this kid make it, but maybe a bottom 6/7)-Labbe(Just might be the Wild's biggest steal of recent drafts, has all the tools to be a solid Two-way, Top 4 d-man. Keep an eye on this kid.)

Gunnarsson(Swedish, smooth skating d-man. What's not to like? Honestly don't know where to pin him, but another potential diamond in the rough.)

Stoner(#Stoner2Hossa)-Prosser(Bottom 6/7 d-man with solid defensive instincts, but not even a flash of offensive ability)


Seriously. You already know.

Let's Walk.

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