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Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks: Post game sadness

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That really sucked.

Jonathan Daniel

Well, that went about how everyone expected right?

Wild lose to Chicago 5-2 for game one of round 2 in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Yes, to the defending Cup Champs, on their home ice. Everyone said it was going to happen, but damn if it doesn't sting quite a bit.

There were a few good things in tonight's game. The Wild out-possessed the Blackhawks for pretty much the entire game. While it didn't do much good in this game, it is never a bad thing to be in possession of the puck for a substantial length of time.

The fact of the matter is that while the Wild have really good depth on this team, they don't have a Patrick Kane. Or a Jonathan Toews. Or a Marian Hossa. The best they can do is try to outwork those three at this point.

Jason Pominville was noticeably absent again tonight, which is really not good. In order to stay competitive, which I believe this team CAN do, he's got to be playing great hockey.

Jonas Brodin continued to add to his rough season tonight. It's a good thing we know he's actually a really good hockey player or I'd be really concerned about him.

On the other side of the coin, Erik Haula was a beast tonight. Oh man, he's going to be a pain in the ass of other NHL teams for a long time to come.

The things to take away from tonight's game is that the Wild did a lot of good things. Some things need to be better. The defense needs to be better, and so does the goaltending.

But these are things that those of us who have been around all season know can and will be fixed for the next game. The Wild have one of the best defensive corps in the league. The team will do some work, watch some more film, and come back adjusted for game 2 on Sunday.