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Wilderness Walk: Bored at Work Edition

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For those of you that still have free time.... kiss it goodbye. Capgeek will take care of that.

Hey-dee-ho there, Wilderness. I'm not sure any of us REALLY have free time (or get bored at work)... but in case you do, check this out: will destroy your social life. Some people try to be "realistic" (hi there, Vanek and Miller). While some other people opt for creativity (as in, why not sign Bickell, Oshie, and Evander Kane).  One person (ok it was me) dreamed up a scenario where the Wild get Evander Kane, Phil Kessel, Andrew Ladd, Duncan Keith, and Teemu Selanne. Our esteemed Managing Editor Mr. Tony even made a contribution (yes that is Jesus H. Christ on the left wing).

Suffice to say: it's a good time. Check it out for some #hot #sprots #takes

The "End of Season Grades" Should be posted right around 10:00 this morning.

Also, there is a new episode of the podcast, if you missed it yesterday)

For now, on to the Walk:

Wild News

Gone Puck Wild: Wild Regular-Season MVP- Ger Devine with European spellings and some great takes on the Wild's regular season

Team of 18,001: Transcript of Dany Heatley's Exit Interview- WARNING: This is a parody, and includes a bunch of foul language. But, it's a slow news day, so what the heck.

Team of 18,001: 2014 Offseason To-Do List- Giles gives his 'to-do' list for GMCF and the gang.

There's no link for this, but Russo is running the 9-12 show this morning, and tomorrow morning, on KFAN (100.3 FM). Eventually there should be podcasts of the show HERE.

Tending the Fields

SBN: Minnesota State to Get Arena Upgrades- Neato! New Stadiums! It's the new hot commodity in Minnesota.

Shinny Stats: Breakdown of WHL Play- Great article about zone entries, including some stick taps to the Wild's Dumba

Still in the Hunt (Playoff News)

Puck Daddy: Keith's Goal Sends Hawks past Kings- For some reason, I brain-farted and didn't post this yesterday.

Star Tribune: Carey Price out for Series- This news came out early yesterday.... but just in case.

Puck Daddy: What We Learned; Is Toews Better than Crosby?- OMG Crosby didn't score ANY goals, he must be a bust. Maybe the Pens should buy him out, trade him, or send use him as a 3rd-line center. Lambert with another attempt to troll whole fan bases at a time.

NHL: Rangers Leave Canada with 2-0 Series Lead- Habs are smarting, and will need to make a comeback if they want a chance. Hey, we did it with OUR 2nd string goalie, amirite? Breaking Down Ranger/Habs Game 1- The inimitable Sean McIndoe breaks down game 1. Definitely worth a read.

NHL: Corey Crawford Looks Forward, Not Back- A nice feel-good piece about Crawford. Maybe some folks from Second City should read this?

On the Pitch

MN United: Christian Ramirez Named NASL Player of the Week- Christian Ramirez, the striker signed to assist Pablo Campos (now out for the season), is quickly becoming a star. He's not 18 (21), but he's still pretty good.

The Relegated: Tactical Analysis of MNU v FTL- Bill MK breaks down what was so dominant about Minnesota's play on Saturday. GREAT read, and GREAT guy- give him a follow at @bill_mk

Off the Trail

Puck Daddy: Eulogy: Remembering the 2013-14 Anaheim Ducks- Actually pretty funny. Except the shot at Teemu. boo-hiss.

Puck Daddy: Kink Suspended for Having the Nerve to Injure Ovechkin- Reads like a parody... unfortunately is not.

Puck Daddy: Brian Elliot signs 3-year extension with Blues, Miller to Move On- So now in a edition to VANEK WATCH, we get MILLER WATCH, which unfortunately has nothing to do with beer.

ESPN: Bob Murray Extended with Ducks for 4 Years- i kan has confidence?

ESPN: France Advances to Quarterfinals- Didn't know France was allowed to win.

The Score: Capitals Release Statement on Ovechkin, Expect Full Recovery- This is really a series of news stories, but it is very informative.