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Hockey Wilderness Bracket Challenge, The Update

Do you think I forgot about your playoff brackets Wilderness? Not a chance!

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Your brackets have been logged, run through a super computer, printed in triplicate, mailed off, returned and we have placed your picks into a standings like spreadsheet to show off who's killing it, and who should be totally embarrassed by their picks.

A lot of you have very little to brag about.

All in all, 12 brackets remain active from the 42 legible submissions I received, meaning 12 of you still have a horse in the race.  If you were the poor soul who created your own bracket and had the teams in all the wrong places, well, yours got digitally fed to my Tamagotchi pet who promptly poo'ed, got sick and died from it. Thanks for that, he had a long life, loved to play, slept way too much and now he's dead.

At any rate, the race is pretty tight up top.  Not a whole lot of points left for the taking, and the way this can end is starting to become clearer with each game.  Nahlin, you are killing it kid.  In fact you are the only one that predicted the first round correctly, but you're lacking tie-breaker points. Tie-breakers won't much matter as both you and the second place Minnesota Hockey have the Kings moving on to the Stanley Cup Finals.  So, Kings win this series, you can begin your bragging to the world.

Do not get too haughty yet, as both Nahlin and Minnesota Hockey can still screw this thing up.  We have Wascaps and Driemonster kickin it in a tie for 3rd overall, and you both have the Hawks winning the whole thing and you both think it will take 14 games for them to do it in the final 2 rounds of the playoffs.  How original.

The Eastern Conference really gave the whole lot of you a bunch of trouble.  Of the 12 active brackets left, just 4 of you have anything going in the Eastern Conference Finals, and you all have the Rangers. Just 1 of you however have the Rangers moving on for the Cup and even winning it.  Unfortunately for you, lone Rangers as champions kid, picking the Rangers to do anything in these playoffs is about the only thing your getting right. If the Rangers win the whole thing, you wont finish in last place, so congratulations for that.

So without further ado, lets take a peak and where you all stand in the Hockey Wilderness Bracket Challenge.

Rank Name Points Tie Breaker
1 nahlin 11 3
2 Minnesota Hockey 10 7
3 wascaps1 9 4
driemonster 9 4
5 kdubyou 8 7
6 baldy492 8 5
JackTheMayor 8 5
8 maschneid 8 4
9 Allen Derksen 8 2
TheDragonReborn 8 2
11 @himtowell 7 5
12 nickowns 7 3
aladas21 7 3
Cannadaincowboy 7 3
15 WIMinnesotaWildFan 7 2
goaliemon 7 2
mnfaninnc 7 2
GH Sniffer 7 2
19 oneniltothepaul 7 1
20 Dave71120 7 0
21 Jonesy 6 5
22 Smoochie69 6 3
WarrenMoon Jr 6 3
24 Shelbys Dad 6 2
Cougs51 6 2
shewantsmyduck 6 2
Jake Anderson 6 2
cabhorn 6 2
Drafter28 6 2
30 jbrad311 6 1
Keman811 6 1
Connor Burns 6 1
33 Christopher Boyd 6 0
pinoi2 6 0
36 Michael Binder 5 3
37 filthyminge 5 2
38 GoalieGirl33 5 1

plamanrm434 5 1
Schlacko 5 1
41 HonorableH 4 2
42 AllenJoffe 3


So there you have it Wilderness.  With just a few more games till the Stanley Cup Finals kick off we should be crowning a winner for our Bracket Challenge shortly.  Thank you all for participating.