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Wilderness Walk: Ha-lak of Options Edition

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Another goalie goes off the board...and on the floor of the NHL.

Okay, just how cool is this pic?
Okay, just how cool is this pic?

So it turns out Garth Snow did something right for a change.

Although we're still waiting for the day for when he actually stops a puck, Snow managed to get some done along the lines of signing Jaroslav Halak for 4 years at 4.5m per. This is actually a great deal for a goalie that I would say is at least top 15 in the league. From what I've seen of his style, he plays a very positional game, but doesn't have the elite reflexes to consistently bail himself out when he's out of position (ex: Cam Ward, Jonathan Quick, Tuuka Rask). He won't steal many games, but he'll keep his team in games. That's huge for the Islanders, who now have a guaranteed 50-60 "winnable" games. I'm aware he has only started 50 or more games once, but this time he doesn't have a budding Carey Price or Brian Elliot nibbling at his heels.

So who's left?

The only real potential "Number 1" goalies available via free agency are Ryan Miller, Jonas Hiller, Alex Stalock, and Tomas Greiss. We all pretty much know the stories with Miller and Hiller (How awesome of a name-based tandem would that be?), but what about Stalock? He's a young goalie, who rocked a 1.87 GAA and 93.2SV% in 2014, that could probably be picked up for under 2 mil, barring a bidding war. Not only is he ONE OF US, he has shown himself to be a VERY consistent back-up beyond Antti Niemi who can still thrive with 8-12 games a year (Nabokov and Greiss, anyone?) and play a solid game when coming in cold in a relief situation. I think the kid is ready to step up as a 1B-type goaltender, but I doubt San Jose lets him go with the Antti Niemi-dilemma that is surely going to spill over.

Now about Greiss. Although Stalock does have him in just about every category (GAA, SV%, Minnesotan), Greiss was able to put up numbers much better that Backstrom's in...wait for it...Phoenix. Carrying a 2.29 GAA and 92.0SV% in front of what has to be, in my opinion, the worst PK in the league. Their PK wouldn't be a problem if they didn't happen to dress PIM-magnets like Martin Hanzal, Shane Doan, and Keith Yandle who also happen to be some of their best PKers. What I like about Greiss is that he's a bonafide reflex goalie. And by reflex goalie, I mean a goalie who will overplay the shooter, but still has the talent and agility it takes to make the save off of a pass. These are the kind of goalies that can steal games, but are also the most prone to give up soft goals.

I still lean towards Stalock, based off of sheer Minnesotan ignorance, but I still see Greiss as a solid, cheap pick-up for the Wild if Harding isn't 100% at the start of the year.

Now onto the Walk.


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