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Wilderness Walk: The Michigan Edition

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Hey folks! I'm in Michigan teaching marching band. Here's some news!

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the late-ness.... miscommunications stink! Here's some news.

Wild News:

Minnesota Hockey Mag: Wild's Offseason to-do list- Yet Another to-do list

The Score: Islanders Willing to Trade 5th Overall Pick- Not directly ABOUT the Wild, but a chance for us to get yet another #YoungGun

Team of 18,001: Haula or Kreider?- Almost as meaningless as a shootout, but still fun.

Still in the Hunt (Playoff News):

Star Tribune: Stepan Status Unclear, Jaw Broken- Ouch ouch ouch.

The Score: How Letting the Habs Hang Around Could Bite the Rangers- Great read.

Star Tribune: Galchenyuk Scores, Canadien's Win- Well, at least it's not a sweep...

Star Tribune: Kings Score 6, Defeat Hawks- Yay! Or Boo! Depending on your loyalties.

Puck Daddy: Prust Suspended 2 games for Stepan Hit- The latest from the most confusing department in the NHL.

Puck Daddy: Carcillo Suspended 10 Games for Abuse of Official- I thought that was against the rules...

The Score: Was Stepan's Injury Report Meant to Lengthen Prust Suspension?- HHHHMMMMmmmmm

Puck Daddy: Montreal Bar Owner Sues Habs to Shut Down Viewing Parties- Are you kidding me?

Tending the Fields:

The Hockey Writers: Leon Draisaitl Prospect Profile- Could be the Wild's new #YoungGun

SBN College Hockey: USHL Dispersal Draft Results

Hockeys Future: Justin Nichols, Goaltender

Hockeys Future: Nicolas Aube-Kubel, Forward

Hockeys Future: Guillaume Gelinas, Defensemen

Off the Trail:

Puck Daddy: Canucks Introduce Benning as GM in Refreshingly Bland Presser- Yawn.

NHL: Lightning re-sign Tyler Johnson

NHL Grab Bag: Celebrating Teemu- Great Read

Hitting the Post: Summer Stats Project- HTP Has a really interesting summer FancyStats Project going on.

Puck Daddy: Canucks Shouldn't Double Down on Toughness- YESYESYES. Great read.

Puck Daddy: New Rules Target Goalie Interference, Bass Drums, Headlocks- Let's see if this works

On the Bench (Informational):

How to Tape a Hockey Stick