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Wilderness Walk: Super Bowl Edition

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Paul Allen doesn't think Minnesota has much to offer folks from New York and California, I think it's the other way around!

Now that we have the big game, lets keep it!
Now that we have the big game, lets keep it!
Jamie Squire

So Paul Allen brought up a topic today on the radio. Focusing on the 2018 Superbowl just awarded to Minnesota. While he was obviously excited that the game is coming to MN, he said he couldn’t think of anything that would bring the big game back to Minnesota 6 years down the line, after the new stadium magic runs out! He couldn’t think of anything special that separates us from other states!

He said, "what do we honestly have to offer people from New York, LA, or Texas"

My Answer.... Is Plenty!

If you plop these big shots down in MN, place a Jucy Lucy and some Wild Rice Tater Tot Hot dish in front of them with a cold Grain Belt or Surly and they don’t instantly seem to enjoy themselves. Then I say #&*$ them!

My vote is to go as all out ridiculous Minnesotan as we can with this thing!

I want all people to talk like they do in the Movie Fargo! Uff-ta

I want Prince and Bob Dylan to perform the half time show together. Prince can do it twice because shit he’s Prince.

I want Ice Fishing competitions to be covered by ESPN for the pre-game.

I want people wearing flannel and talking Hockey/Gary Anderson like they do in the Minnesota Bar from How I Met Your Mother.

And while we are at it, lets get a few of these big shots to put on some skates and see what MN is all about in February!! I believe the new stadium will host more than one Superbowl. And I know the State is hoping the same thing, considering the $$$ they spent on this new Green House/Iceberg looking thing!

-End Rant-
In other news the Blackhawks look beatable when Crawford plays like an average Goalie!

On to your Walk

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