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Wilderness Walk: Gameday Edition

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Why so serious?
Why so serious?
Jonathan Daniel

Yeah, the whole Rocky theme didn't exactly work out (JUST LIKE IN ROCKY 1) for us, so fuck that.

Your Minnesota Wild have a game tonight. Against the Chicago Blackhawks. Oofff, did I mention it's game 2 and we're already down 1-0 in the series? Yeah, no one said it would be easy.

Justin Fontaine will be making his return to the line up (WHY WAS HE TAKEN OUT?) and hopefully he'll join the a line with Nino and Haula, for that line absolutely tore the Avs apart on the forecheck. Not that the Hawks aren't a 1000x's better on the transition than the #AvNots, but it couldn't hurt.

Also, Bryzgalov.

And even worse, Brodin. Step it up, kid.

Wild News

Tom Powers: Yeo plays mind games after Wild play a good Game 1 -
Mind games?

Fontaine likely to replace Veilleux for Wild in Game 2 -

Why wasn't he in the line-up in the first place? Seriously?

Wild need goalie Bryzgalov to reverse playoff trend -

Emphasis on "need." *Sigh*

Sunday Q & A: Vikings' Patterson follows Wild closely | Star Tribune

Can he play RD?

Wild goalie Bryzgalov trying to break out of funk | Star Tribune

Why do you heff to be bad?

Jim Souhan: Wild needs more from Pominville, Moulson | Star Tribune

The guy has been a mess on the PP.

Wild Need to Improve Power Play Against the Hawks

Speaking of which...

Wild looks to rebound Sunday in Game 2 | Russo's Rants |
Russo's ranting about rebounding. *Alliteration*

Other News

Kings’ Regehr might be injured | ProHockeyTalk
Well, the King's are 225lbs lighter.

Video: Getzlaf shakes off blocked shot, sets up goal | ProHockeyTalk

Dan Boyle ‘doesn’t believe for one second’ that he’s too old | ProHockeyTalk
But with 2 or more seconds...

Video: Selanne becomes third-oldest player to score a playoff goal | ProHockeyTalk

if you can't win a game with a Teemu goal, there's no hope for you. At all.

Stanley Cup Playoff Three Stars: Kings, Bruins victorious | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
How bright shines these adorning stars?

Bruins rally to beat Canadiens 5-3 in Game 2 - Yahoo Sports


Gaborik leads Kings to 3-2 OT win vs Ducks - Yahoo Sports

Horse co-owned by ex-Vikings coach Tice, Blackhawks coach Quenneville out of Derby, Preakness -
There has to be a metaphor in there somewhere...