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Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks: Series 0-2

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Chicago walks away with another win in this series

Jonathan Daniel

Tough game Wild fans. Really tough game.

The upsides:

  • Erik Haula looks fantastic. Damn kid.
  • Wild were down 0-2 to Colorado and won the series
  • When they turn it on, they turn it ON
The downsides:
  • Playing against an actual NHL team is really tough
  • Ouch, the Wild defense has forgotten how to hockey.
  • Hey top two lines, you guys want to show up maybe?
Game 3 is Tuesday night at 8pm. The Wild are a tougher team to beat at home. Last series they started to turn it around once they got back to the Xcel, and these first 2 games have been pretty similar to the first 2 in those series. Hopefully that team shows up again and at least gives the Hawks a run for their money.