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Wilderness Walk: The Day After Edition

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Great Game! Huge Win!

I never want to see these 3 near each other again
I never want to see these 3 near each other again
Hannah Foslien

Yeah, I get it. That team from Chicago is pretty good.
They’re fast, skilled, tough, and debatably better than us in every aspect of the game. It’s no coincidence they acquired the title defending Stanley Cup Champions!

So Wild... Should we give up? Should we throw in the towel?

Did Rocky give up against Apollo and Mr. T?

Did Rudy give up when he found out he was short?

Did William Wallace give up against the British?

Did Ned Stark give up against King Geoffery?

NO they didn’t, a resounding NOOOooooOOOoooo!!!
"well, minus a few be-headings"

I’m proud of these Wild, we are playing hard, playing tough, and playing generally sound hockey. The only thing we arn’t doing well is scoring, and as we all know this has been Minnesota’s curse since the franchises first days. How do we fix the scoring? Nobody knows. Parise doesn’t know, Yeo doesn’t know, Chuck doesn’t know. Just keep shooting the puck and hope!

My scoring solution - Forget about Vanek(overrated) and Moulson(wow he’s been terrible) this summer and sign Marion Gaborik in the offseason! Then plan the parade!

Huge Win

Great Game
Go Wild!

Lets do that again


The Rest of your walk

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