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Wilderness Walk: Boogie with The Noogie Edition

What is this place? This strange old home I once knew but is now forgotten? How can everything seem so strange, yet so familiar?

IT'S ME!!!!
IT'S ME!!!!
The Noogie

As I walk into this place, I look for the old visual queues once used to guide me to the light of day.  For winter has lifted it's heavy veil from this trail, and everything seems so warm and inviting; New, yet oddly familiar.  Is this the same place I once used to call home?  The long forgotten trail that once led me through the endless tasks to start each bone chilling day.  The very walk I've been on so many times before, that accompanies my morning cup of coffee like the misty haze that covers the trail?

Greetings Wilderness! It's been awhile since I've joined you on the trail so early in the morning. Or, if you're one of the lucky ones, sometime later in the afternoon because you have not a damn thing to do today but wake up, I hate you (not really).

So, there is this thing going on called the Stanley Cup Final right now.  As of this publication the Rangers have yet to throw in the towel or raise the white flag, so we are tentatively scheduled to proceed with game 4 tonight.  Game time says 7 pm central time, but with all the pomp and circumstance before these things the puck won't drop til closer to 7:30 pm.

At any rate, I hear music is a popular choice for these things nowadays.  The smile on my face that I get to indoctrinate you all with tunes of my choice! HA! HA! HA!

What!?!? They don't have to click play? Uhg ....

Well you should, expand your horizons! Or, if you're already a fan, enjoy!

Wild News

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Tending the Fields

The Sickle broke, come back after the draft.

Off the Trail

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Just one of many reasons your mother always tells you to stop fighting. Unless less she's my mother in which case she threatens to lock you and your sister in a room to see which one would come out alive.

Florida Panthers to meet with Dan Bylsma for coaching position: report - - News
Somebody should really tell Dan Bylsma that Florida is where people go to retire.

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Conspiracy theory claims Jeff Carter goal might not have counted | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
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With a possible Stanley sweep ahead, Rangers look to recover from 0-3 start | Star Tribune
The gravity of the situation was etched on the face of New York Rangers coach Alain Vigneault as well as a good friend of mine who was trying to explain the situation to her dog.  The dog in turn crapped in her bed which would only be more ironic if it was shaped like the Rangers logo.

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Luck Has Left the Building for the Rangers "

I don't know who this Luck guy is, but he better get back there and quick!

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As the players took the ice at Madison Square Garden last night, the raucous New York crowd erupted. It had been 20 years since the last Stanley Cup Final game at the Garden and New York seemed... tired?

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One more for the road