Arm Chair GM

There have been a lot of us playing Arm Chair GM recently; and who can blame us with all the great posts that are being made on who the Wild can target for trading, signing, or drafting? And from all those posts by the writers, we have been saying what we would or would not do were we the GM of the Minnesota Wild. But there is one thing that we do lack: A central post where all of us can post our ideas about what the Wild should do during this off season. So that's what this is, a place to put our GM plans to writing and tell the world (ok Hockey Wilderness) what they would do as the GM of the Minnesota Wild this off-season.

So, what am I looking for? Pretty much major moves, especially when it comes to drafting. I don't expect a full mock draft from people, just who the Wild pick in the first round or two, including any picks you trade for in this years draft. (Not that I'm stopping you for going more rounds, just don't expect you to)

Make note of any trades you make, and make sure your not trading players twice (though I could see such a move working if its with Toronto). Also make sure any trade you come up with makes sense for the other team involved. If you see a trade proposal that you think has no chance of happening, point it out with out calling the person who made it an idiot or the like.

For Free Agency Signings, make the contract makes sense in terms and years. The Wild aren't getting Vanek for 3 years at 4 million a year. Much as we would love to have it happen, its not going to. This goes for any offer sheet attempts as well. Remember, the players need to want to sign the deal to.

Remember, your the GM here, your the one making the moves for the Wild. Your the guy that needs to get the players so Coach Yeo can lead the Minnesota Wild to the promise land. Also remember- there's a damn good chance that anything we come up with doesn't happen... at all, and this is a for fun exorcise.

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness.

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