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Thomas Vanek Linked to Federal Gambling Investigation

News broke Monday linking newly inked Wild forward Thomas Vanek to a federal gambling investigation.

Rick Stewart

News is coming out today that has connected Thomas Vanek to an on-going federal gambling investigation. Although little is known at this point, Vanek, as well as his attorney were seen walking into and subsequently out of a federal court Monday. What little we do know is coming courtesy of News10NBC in Rochester, NY.

A new development in the on-going federal gambling investigation in Rochester. A law enforcement source tells News10NBC that former Amerk and Buffalo Sabres star Thomas Vanek is connected to the investigation tied to the Marina Restaurant and Bar in Charlotte.

Vanek and his attorneys were quiet when leaving the courthouse today. Vanek did however release this statement through his agent Steve Bartlett:

Representatives of the U.S. Federal Government have asked for my cooperation in an investigation. I am not the subject of any investigation or prosecution. I will fully cooperate with the U.S. Federal authorities in their investigation or in any proceedings arising out of it.

Vanek is not the target of the Feds affection, and with nothing more to go on at this point speculation as to his involvement should be treated as just that, speculation. The investigation is centered around the 3 owners Marina Restaurant and Bar in Charlotte, NY.

Vanek spent the 2004-2005 season with the Rochester Americans of the AHL. During that time Nathan Paetsch was also with the team and has been linked to the bar. It has being reported Paetsch is "involved in a partnership" that owns 5 commercial properties as well as the Marina Restaurant and Bar.

Thomas Vanek signed a 3-year deal with the Minnesota Wild this offseason worth 6.5 million per year. The long time Sabre, he racked up 497 points in 598 games with Buffalo over 9 seasons before being traded twice last season to the New York Islanders and then to the Montreal Canadiens.