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Wilderness Walk: Ode to a Comedic Legend Edition

O Captain My Captain

Wilderness, you've probably heard. This is one of the few non-sport tangents I'll go on, but the world lost a legend yesterday. Robin Williams was the heart and soul of many a brilliant film and TV Show. Whether it was Petter Banning in the brilliant "Hook" or everyone's favorite Captain in "Dead Poets Society," Williams work touched countless people. There are news articles everywhere, but I'll link one here. Enjoy the following Williams scene (and share your own in the comments), and then we'll move onto the Walk.

Wild News

Puck Daddy's Summer of Disappointment: Minnesota Wild Edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Behold: Our very own Tony recounts the misery we've experienced as Wild fans....

Zach Parise inadvertently spits on ice girl in viral video that found its moment | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
There are no words. Parise is now in the middle of #SpitGate

Offseason Meanderings: Part III | Team of 18,001
Giles runs down some news from the past week, including Parise's #SpitGate

Minnesota Wild Social Media Guide | The Hockey Writers
A guide to all things Minnesota Wild on social media, from beat writers to blogs, players to broadcasters, we've got it covered.

Offseason Meanderings: Part III | Team of 18,001
Giles runs down some news from the past week, including Parise's #SpitGate

Star Tribune's Sawkar and Russo accept the Ice Bucket Challenge | Star Tribune
The #IceBucketChallenge continues... hopefully, like a bad flu, it will be gone in a few days.

Minnesota Wild 2013-14 Preview:'s 30 in 30 Series | Gone Puck Wild
The 30 in 30 series will take a look at every team in the league. Today gives their Minnesota Wild 2014-15 preview.

From the Frozen Pond

With NCAA ruling, are non-revenue sports in danger? |
The NCAA rules are changing, and it could spell trouble for some Gopher sports.

For Gophers, autonomy for Big 5 conference schools could be costly |
A little more about NCAA rules and how they could affect the Gophers.

Will Power 5 Autonomy Impact College Hockey? | BC Interruption
Only 8 NCAA D1 hockey teams fall into the "power 5" category. Are they set to reap great benefits?

Off the Trail

The NHL Dives Into the Advanced-Stats Pool |
Sean McIndoe explains the place stats nerds have dug for themselves in the modern NHL, and reviews some common anti-stats arguments.

Celebrating Selanne: A Teemu Tribute | The Hockey Writers
A tribute to the one and only Finnish Flash

Tanking in the NHL Leads to Stanley Cup Wins | The Hockey Writers
Do the Wild have a chance? Or do they need to hop on the Tank Train?

NHL Must Start Appreciating Goaltenders | The Hockey Writers
A valiant defense of the leagues' netminders, and a chronicle of the difficulties they've faced over the years.

THW Roundtable: Greatest Game You've Ever Witnessed | The Hockey Writers
A re-telling of some great hockey tales. Somehow, the time I saw Marian Gaborik score 5 goals isn't on the list. *shakes head in shame*

Islanders owner reportedly sued for $10 million after rebuffing sale of team |
The Islander's owner could be in trouble.

Will Marc Savard’s return to hockey affect Bruins injury status? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Marc Savard is coming back to hockey... just not as a player.

Tuukka Rask faces cannon fire at insane Finland all-star game (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
What do you do for fun? Tuukka Rask stands in front of cannons while they are fired.

Cherry tells Hockey Canada to "smarten up" | ProHockeyTalk
Smarten up. Smarten. I can't get past that word.... I'm just assuming this is worth a read.

Teemu Selanne announces creation of Finnish hockey academy |
Finnish Flash Academy? I'm in.