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Wilderness Walk: Shellacking Edition

Christian Ramirez bicycle-kicks the ball goal-wards. Image courtesy of Minnesota United FC
Christian Ramirez bicycle-kicks the ball goal-wards. Image courtesy of Minnesota United FC
Minnesota United FC

Good morning, Wilderness!

There were two absolute blowouts this weekend. One of them good, and one very bad.

On the one hand, my British Premier League Fantasy Squad got absolutely destroyed, thanks to a defender of mine being thrown out of the game 20 minutes in, and no one except David Silva doing anything worthwhile. Thanks for nothing, guys.

On the other hand, Minnesota United FC absolutely blew the doors off of the Indy Eleven this weekend. The score was 5-0 when Kléberson scored Indy's first goal. The game was pretty preposterous, and the goals... just beautiful. The highlight-reel goal of them all was the following from Christian Ramirez (who leads the league with 12 goals on the season).

I could watch that all day. But... no time! Let's get to the walk! Here's some music to enjoy. If you enjoy this, here's another one.

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