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Wilderness Walk: The Holdouts Continue

When will we sign our remaining RFA's? And other randomness for today's walk.

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Does this look like a 3rd line center to you?
Does this look like a 3rd line center to you?
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

When is it time to start worrying about a Darcy, and "potentially" a Nino, holdout? Why is everyone so calm about this? September is just around the corner, and then bam suddenly hockey is back. We don’t need this to escalate and become a distraction for a team competing in the most difficult division in the NHL. Do fans not remember when Gaborik held out for half a season?

IDK, I guess no news is good news.

Besides this lack of progress with our RFA’s, and celebrity Ice bucket challenges galore, there seems to be nothing going on news wise.

Here are a few things to distract you

Brent Burns and his crazy reptiles!!!

Brent Burns reptile cages (via jworlds777)

Crazy Old North Star Fight!

minesota north stars at boston bruins record setting brawl game (via davey boy phelan)

Wow, does anyone remember this?

Numa Numa (via xloserkidx)

On to your walk?

Minnesota Wild News

NHL Preseason Schedule Announced, Wild Play Six Times
Apparently we will be playing.

Watch Every Zenon Konopka Goal From Last Season
I can't believe this is a real thing!!!!

Other NHL News

5 pressing NHL offseason issues
5 questions for the new NHL season.

NHL rumors: Kevin Hayes narrowing list of teams, more meetings Monday -
I can't believe he left Chicago. Are we in the hunt?

Kevin Hayes, Chicago Blackhawks unable to reach contract agreement - ESPN Chicago
Kevin probably wants to play in Calgary, so Johnny Hockey can continue to pad his stats.

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby says aching wrist is 'good' - ESPN
Isn't that nice

Former Hab Kovalev criticizes Subban's deal, style of play
Wait, I thought Subban's game was percect?

Buffalo to host NHL's next two scouting combines
because the team is terrible.

Lawyer: Settlement reached in Moore-Bertuzzi suit
I can't believe this is still going on. And that the NHL ever let Bertuzzi play again

Jordan Subban scores alley-oop on brother Malcolm Subban - - NHL Insider
Jordan Subban scores alley-oop on brother Malcolm Subban

Ottawa Senators face five main questions coming into this season -'s 30 in 30 package: 2014-15
The Ottawa Senators have many questions.

2014 NHL preseason begins Sunday, Sept. 21 - - News
2014 NHL preseason begins Sunday, Sept. 21

New York Islanders announce new ownership structure - - News
When will they move the team to Seattle? jk