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Wilderness Walk: Super Mario Edition

Good Morning, Wilderness! Those of you who follow the British soccer league (better known as the "Premier League") may already know... Mario Balotelli, known as Super Mario, will be playing in Liverpool from here on out. This is their attempt to replace Luis Suarez (also known as "Jaws") after his sale to Barceloa.

On a  side note, after Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Chiellini at the World Cup, it became statistically more likely for you to be bitten by Luis Suarez than by a shark. So, there's that.

In other news, there's still a long, long time till hockey starts. In order to maintain the 'hype,' enjoy this compilation of #AngryGoalies

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Wild News

Watch Every Goal Zach Parise Scored Last Season | Gone Puck Wild
CAPTAAAAAAAINNNN AAAAAAAAAAAAMMERICAAAAAA! *to be read in your best announcer voice*

Will Thomas Vanek Thrive in Minnesota or Barely Survive? | The Hockey Writers
What does the future hold for Vanek in Minnesota?

Tending the Fields

Why are so many young players choosing major junior over college hockey? | State of Hockey News
Does the NCAA have an 'energy crisis' of sorts on hand?

Interview with Jim Mill | Iowa Wild
Here's an interview with Iowa Wild GM Jim Mill.

From the Frozen Pond

Recruiting Season: Players to Watch | Minnesota Hockey Magazine
Who are some of the best players whose plans we don't know? Find out here!

Garrett Wait Commits to Minnesota | SB Nation College Hockey
One Of Us will be.... ONE OF US. Gophers get another one.

Matt McNeely's New Mask | SB Nation College Hockey
UMD's goalie has a pretty sweet mask.

Off the Trail

Blackhawks 'The Stripper' is Gone But Sexism Remains | The Hockey Writers
This is an edgy topic, but one that should be discussed.

With Extra Skater dead, here's where you can get your advanced stats fix - Fear The Fin
Our California brethren have compiled this list for your hockey-nerd leisure. Enjoy!

NHL Suffers as No Superstar Has Emerged | The Hockey Writers
What do you think? Is there a superstar who "grabs" headlines?

The 5 NHL Teams Most Likely to Surprise in 2014-15 | The Hockey Writers
Worth reading if only for the suggestion that Alex Ovechkin is going to be asked to play lots more defense.

The time Blake Wheeler created an Avalanche of bad defending |
Great goal, and great patience by Wheeler (if not great passing).