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Joining the Ranks: Please Welcome Vincent Trombley to HW!

Hannah Foslien

As some of you may have noticed since Tony and Joe have taken the reins of the website, we've made a few changes. One of the changes will be providing coverage of Minnesota High School hockey. Because of this, we decided to bring someone aboard to give us a hand with the daunting task of high school coverage. Please welcome Vincent to the team!

Vincent is an aspiring sports writer and has sounded off on his own personal blog I'll let Vincent introduce himself in his own words:

So my name is Vincent, but I go by Vince or Vinny as well. I'm not too picky. I've grown up in the Grand Rapids area pretty much my entire life so hockey is something I've always been around. I grew up spending a lot of winters playing boot hockey with my dad on the lake and watching the Dallas Stars on ESPN whenever we could. I was beyond thrilled when hockey came back to Minnesota and I loyally followed the Wild. After the lockout in 2003-04, I had a bit of a falling out with hockey and didn't follow it nearly as much. I went to a Wild game 3 years ago and fell in love all over again.

Since then, I have followed hockey passionately and it has become a big part of my life. Last year, I took my love for sports, specifically hockey and writing and began blogging for I aspire to become a writer for an NHL team some day or cover the sport of Motocross. Writing for hockey wilderness is a huge step for me and such an honor. I cannot wait to get started and become a part of this team of Wild fanatics and talented writers.

You can follow Vincent on Twitter @Vincent_NHL.