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Wilderness Walk: Obscure Player Edition 2

Your daily source for Minnesota Wild news.

Martin Rose

Although the franchise is still young, there have been a lot of obscure players who have wondered in and out of the organization.  A couple of weeks ago, we paid tribute to Casey Wellman, one of those obscure players.

Today we honor Branko Radivojevic, a Slovak right winger played 155 games over two seasons in a Wild sweater.  In that time, Radivojevic scored 18 goals and helped the team to the playoffs in consecutive years.  Radivojevic was an all-around pretty average player, but he has one of the best names in team history.  Here's to you, Branko!

On to the Walk:

Wild News

6 Facts About Your Minnesota Wild You Probably Don't Know- Some fun stuff you may not know.  Did you know Knightrider was originally a plumber?

Wild coach Yeo: 3 goalies will have shot at starting job | theScore- More on Yeo's comments about the goalie situation.  Good competition can be healthy, but let's hope it doesn't get ugly.

Off The Trail

Oilers, Schultz agree on 1-year contract: GM says 'Justin has Norris Trophy potential' | theScore- The big news of the day.  The deal is ultimately terrible, but it's not like it's going to hurt the Oilers that much.  "Justin Schultz" and "Norris" will never be used in the same sentence again.

Did Edmonton cave on Justin Schultz's 1-year deal? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- The one-year deal is interesting.  Usually when you want to save money by offering a bridge deal, you at least want to milk it for two years.

What if NHL expansion is actually a really good idea? (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- As a fan of the NHL's most recent expansion team, I don't think I have a right to complain about further expansion.

Jersey Fouls: An Avalanche of failure; Wild consolidation; Kovalchuk hate | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports- Check this out for one creative Wild jersey.

NHL: 10 bold predictions for the 2014-15 season- I could get on board with a few of these predictions.  One in particular.

Why I Personally Guarantee the Oilers Will Make the Playoffs- If you want a good laugh.

Sarich opens up about scary cycling accident, aftermath | ProHockeyTalk- You've got to feel for Sarich.

PHOTO: Karri Ramo's new Edgar Allen Poe themed mask is absolutely terrifying | theScore- Now that is how you make an intimidating mask.