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Wilderness Walk: Pre Labor Daybor Edition

It's nearly time to put away the summer toys, but as the unofficial end of summer approaches, hockey draws closer.

Doug Pensinger

Hope you all are having a great and safe last holiday weekend of the summer. Not a whole lot going on in the world of hockey, so here, enjoy a Strong Bad email.

Wild News

Power play should be major focus of improvement for 2014-15 season for the Wild - Gone Puck Wild
Improvement on the power play should be a major focus for 2014-15 season for the Minnesota Wild.

Off the Trail

NHL 15 Trailer Mocks Female NHL Fans | The Pink Puck

Puck Daddy's Most Disappointing Summer Series: Toronto Maple Leafs Edition | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
A disappointing Leafs season? Naaaaaa! That never happens! - James Tanner - NHL Expansion a Huge Mistake
A few reasons why NHL expansion might not be a great idea. - Ed Stein - Counterpoint: NHL Expansion is a Good Idea
It's time for another good idea, bad idea.

Fanspeak: Martin Brodeur named greatest Devil in franchise history | ProHockeyTalk
Kinda a no brainer if one were to ask me.

Oilers’ Schultz admits it’s too early for Norris talk | ProHockeyTalk
I tend to agree with Schultz here. The season hasn't even started yet. Lets not be giving away any awards quite yet.