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Wilderness Walk: The Outdoor Game Shaft

Minnesota gets the shaft again! California has been awarded another outdoor game.

Nothing like hockey in sunny California.
Nothing like hockey in sunny California.
Kevork Djansezian

So, California has been rewarded with another outdoor NHL game. Their 2nd outdoor game in as many years. I’m sure hockey fans in California are excited about this, but in all seriousness has hell frozen over? In what world is it acceptable to have professional outdoor games in California every year, while many deserving franchises continue to get the shaft? Why can’t places like Colorado, Winnipeg, and I don’t know MINNESOTA get a share of the lime light? How can the NHL do this?

The answer to all of this is money and ratings.

California is a market with huge growth potential. Outdoor games bring in hype, ratings, publicity, and most importantly casual bandwagon fans. These bandwagon fans translate to huge cash for the NHL.
Sadly, hockey can’t get much more popular in Canada and Minnesota. So what’s the point of giving us an outdoor game?

End rant.

Oh and Tony: I will fiercely debate that Mario Kart 64, is superior to both Double Dash and Mario Kart Wii (I haven’t played the new one).

3 reasons why Mario Kart 64 is the best in the series:

  • Its multiplayer maps are the best in the series. Why can’t any of the new games have decent multiplayer levels? (shit even just ripping off the old ones would work)
  • Its actual racing levels hold up surprising well, considering how old the game is. Still my favorite racing levels of all the games.
  • And finally everything is better on N64!

On to your walk

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