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Wilderness Walk: Hockey on a Stick Edition

What's up, Hockey Wilderness!

I won't be on the site today, because I'll be at the State Fair. Probably hanging at Famous Dave's, listening to the blues band there. So hit me up! Today is the last day of the fair also. As an additional tie-in, my cousin just got married, and he proposed to his now-wife on the top of the giant slide. So there's that.

It's about the slowest news day of all time. So along with what news I've been able to dig up, here's a trailer that is honest about the "Pokemon" Video Games. My hope is that esteemed managing editor Tony will appreciate.

I've also tried to include some news about our rivals, calling that segment: "Rival Roundup."

We recorded another podcast last night, so look for that to be posted in the near future- it features some great discussions, with quality topics like: How glad are you that Dany Heatley is gone? Why did Anaheim pick up Heatley? AND.... What's your favorite movie (kind of)?

With that, I'll inform you that Minnesota United FC's 11-game unbeaten streak (Which included 2 draws) came to an end yesterday with a 2-1 loss to FC Edmonton. Minnesota has a guaranteed playoff spot, and at this point is simply playing to prove their superiority, and they will continue this Saturday, when the Tampa Bay Rowdies come to town.

With that, enjoy the "Honest Trailer" and let's move on to the Walk!

Wild News

Bienvenue et Welcome to Hashtag Hockey: Season 3! | Hashtag Hockey
Bob welcomes everyone to Hashtag Hockey: Season 3 ( I think.... I don't speak spanish... ). In any case, there's also a preview as to what to expect from Hashtag Hockey this season. Check it out!

Wild Prospects Traverse City Bound | Minnesota Hockey Magazine
Check out who will be where, and when! Traverse City is an opportunity to see some prospects in action, and maybe take a gander at what we can expect form them next year.

Tending the Fields

2014 All-American Prospects Game Roster Announced | SB Nation College Hockey
This year's All-American prospects game roster features some players projected to go very high in next year's draft.

Rivalry Roundup

Greatest Moment of the 2013-14 Season Winner: Roy Rocks the Partition | Mile High Hockey
The fact that the "greatest moment" from the season came in the early season, and has nothing to do with what went on on the ice is just perfect. Or it's just another example of #LancheLogic

Blackhawks, Sheldon Brookbank parting ways | Second City Hockey
The Blackhawks have lost their player with my second-favorite name on their roster: Sheldon Brookbank (second only to Johnny Oh-do-ya. I love that name).

The Extremely Unofficial Fan Guide to Evaluating NHL Officiating | Defending Big D
A rough guide to evaluating NHL referees from our friends in Dallas.

Nashville: They have a site, but there was nothing of too much interest. Which fits their team, when you think about it.

Game Time Prospect Department | St. Louis Game Time
A review of who we might see coming down the pipe... err... through the arch... for St. Louie.

Winnipeg Jets are in tough in the tough Central Division | Arctic Ice Hockey

Arctic Ice runs down the Central Conference, taking a look at teams to watch, and teams who WILL be watching come the postseason.

Off the Trail

The Extremely Unofficial Fan Guide to Evaluating NHL Officiating | Defending Big D
A rough guide to evaluating NHL referees from our friends in Dallas.