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Introducing Alec Schmidt, our Newest Hockey Wilderness Writer!

Alec replenishes our supply of Canadians, and will be writing about the Minnesota Wild for us.

Justin Fontaine rejoices at Alec's arrival.
Justin Fontaine rejoices at Alec's arrival.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Wilderness!

In our efforts to consistently bring you the most and best Minnesota Wild articles on the internet, we've decided to add another writer into our ranks. Meet Alec Schmidt!

I grew up playing in rural Saskatchewan playing hockey In front of massive crowds of 12-25 (depending on how many parents showed up). My passion for hockey stems from those roots, coupled with some pretty great coaches along the way. One of the most under-appreciated things about growing up where I did, was the ability to hand pick your favorite team without the shackles of being stuck with the hometown squad. It was with this freedom that I was able to become a fan of the Wild upon their entry into the league back in 2000.

Alec is particularly interested in "helping fans bridge the gap from what they see on ice and how that affects the advanced stats, for example, showing that Kyle Brodziak's incredible defensive positioning has more than made up for his inability to put the puck into wide open nets."

It's an exciting day, and I'm confident he'll bring an element to Hockey Wilderness we didn't have before. Welcome to Hockey Wilderness, Alec!

You can find Alec on Twitter @Schmitty_16.