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Wilderness Walk: Skol Edition

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Wilderness, it's here. The time some greet with elation, and a time I used to look forward to. What do I speak of? American Football Season.

Call me a hipster (please don't), call me a cynic (admittedly true), but I just can't get excited about this anymore. Every year, we hear the same things. "We've made some good moves, we've got some good leadership, and while we've got some tough opponents, we're going to play hard." Oh wait, that's every team.

The Vikings won yesterday, 34-6 over the St. Louis Rams. It was, admittedly, an encouraging victory. Like a spurned lover, or someone who has heard the cliché "fool me once, shame on you..." I'm waiting to get exciting. I'm playing hard-to-get. I'm making the Purple Prove it to me. In any case, I sincerely hope for more W's for the Vikes, and not JUST because I live in Wisconsin (though that's part of it too).

With that said... Hockey season is almost here! A sport with a full hour of play! And, a recent study shows that, though NHL players are 20% smaller, they hit 17% harder than the NFL. There's lots happening, and the NHL news machines are starting up again to churn out some content. So let's get to it!

Today's musical selection comes to you courtesy of NPR Music. Blame them, not me.

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Wild News

Top 10 Prospects: #6 Gustav Olofsson | Team of 18,001
Gustav Olofsson: come meet the 6'4'' Swiss Giant who will likely be in Iowa next year.

Milestone Moments: Haula's First | Minnesota Wild | Features
Erik Haula is electric, and very exciting. Check out his first goal!

...kind of slow news regarding the Wild... but there's more! I promise!

From the Frozen Pond

Minnesota Hockey Announces 2015 State Tournament Locations | Minnesota Hockey Magazine
27 Locations will host the tournament: come find where YOU can go to see tomorrow's stars in action!

A Medal-Winning Effort | Minnesota Hockey Magazine
Someone from Minnesota played a big role in Russia, and it wasn't Zach Parise. Come find out who led Sioux-City to success!

10 Freshmen to Watch in the Big Ten | SB Nation College Hockey
Who should we be watching in the Big 10... 14? 15? How many teams are in this conference now?

New faces populate New York Rangers 2014 Fall Top 20 | Hockey's Future
WHAT'S THIS?! a RANGERS article in the Wilderness? WHY, TRUMPET, WHY? come find out!

Navigating the hockey landscape | Lets Play Hockey
A rundown of the "Hierarchy of Hockey"

Are you “over ready” to make the jump to juniors? | Lets Play Hockey
Another view on the battle between High School Hockey and Juniors.

Current section format diminishing the state tournament | Lets Play Hockey
Are we really getting the best teams in the MN State Hockey Tournament?

Elite League opens 2014 season | Lets Play Hockey
Comer learn about a chance to see some great hockey!

Gopher Hockey Captains Named | The Daily Gopher
Who will be wearing the C, and should it be ripped?

Off the Trail

Benches clearing brawl in Poland; Mike Danton attacks critics of role (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
There are no words. None.