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When push comes to shove, there's more to women's hockey than the odd fight

I've been gone for a bit, but now I'm back. With a vengeance.

Monique Lamoureux was ejected from last weekend's Boston Blades game against the Brampton Thunder after a fight with Brampton's Jamie Lee Rattray.
Monique Lamoureux was ejected from last weekend's Boston Blades game against the Brampton Thunder after a fight with Brampton's Jamie Lee Rattray.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Last weekend the Boston Blades had the outing of their lives against a somewhat weaker foe in Brampton, outscoring them by a combined 19-3 over two games. (Yeah.) Zoe at Stanley Cup of Chowder has the entire weekend laid out for you to read about here.

Unfortunately, the incredible weekend for the Blades (which has them tied for second with an identical record to the Montreal Stars) was overshadowed by the unthinkable: A fight. In women's hockey. Oh my lanta.

Meg Linehan Vined the action, which apparently began when Brampton's Jamie Lee Rattray cross-checked Boston's Monique Lamoureux.

Lamoureux took offense and went in with an elbow on Rattray, and the situation devolved from there.

Both players earned major penalties and ejections from the game, and we're led to believe supplemental discipline will be forthcoming (Kate at Watch This Hockey has more on the publicizing of such information -- full disclosure, this is another site I write for).

Unfortunately, some outlets that specialize in the NHL side of the game picked this up and ran with it, supplying posts without much context at all as to what started the altercation (and might I add, only The Hockey News even bothered fully crediting Linehan for her work. Good job, guys). They called it "the rare women's hockey fight," as though we need to be reminded that women's hockey is markedly less physical and, shall we say, violent, than men's hockey. There was an overall slightly hushed tone of someone simply shocked to see women behave in such a manner -- as though tempers don't boil over and frustrations don't become evident. As though Lamoureux isn't known for her chippy style of play despite never actually hurting anyone (looking at you, TSN).

And I find myself wondering, in all of this mess, why do we make such a big fuss over fighting in women's hockey when the Flyers and Penguins played probably a combined ten minutes of hockey during the second period of their game last night?

I had a long conversation about it this morning with Zoe and some others on Twitter, and we agreed that we don't want to see the women's game get mired in the same mess of violence that some of us witnessed last night (though yes, of course, the no-check rule should get out of Dodge). However, the media needs to stop acting as if the only things worth any attention from women's hockey are the fights and the Olympics. Provide more context about the games and the players, and for heaven's sake stop with this "OMG IT'S SO RARE I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW RARE THIS IS". We know it's rare. We watch this game, too. So stop gawking like you're at a zoo and give us some substance. The game deserves it.

  • In case you've missed it, Hannah Stuart of High Heels and High Sticks has put together an incredible series called "All The Hockey Ladies," in which she identifies a need for each team in each division and, instead of suggesting a male prospect, highlights a women's player who could fill that need. (Heads-up, Wild fans: Noora Raty would make an excellent choice in net. Just saying.)
  • Clarkson Cup tickets are available now. The games are March 4-7 at Markham Centennial Arena. Playoff games are $20, while the Final costs $25.
  • This weekend's CWHL matchups: Montreal vs. Boston and Toronto vs. Brampton, each at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Rivalries, rivalries. Brampton/Toronto will be available via livestream.
  • After outscoring Minnesota State by a combined 14-4 last week, the Gophers look to do it again at St. Cloud State Friday and Saturday. Both games are at 3 p.m. The Huskies are on a four-game losing streak and are just 2-8-1 at home, their latest losses low-scoring ones against UMD (who will face Minnesota State this week).
  • Maryanne Menefee was named the WCHA Player of the Week Tuesday. She led Minnesota in scoring last weekend with seven points against the Mavericks.
  • Hannah Brandt is just two points away from becoming the seventh Gopher ever to reach 200 career points. She leads the team in scoring this season with 51 points (22 G, 29 A) and has a career total of 78 goals and 120 assists. Did we mention she's just a junior?
  • The Women's U-18 Worlds Division I qualification is happening now in Katowice, Poland, and things are off to a great start for Denmark. The Danes obliterated Great Britain 9-0 and beat China 5-0. Michelle Almquist leads the team in scoring with three points and a +3 so far. The last game today is between host country Poland and Kazakhstan. The tournament ends Jan. 25.