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NHL Skills Competition 2015: Time, TV schedule, events and how to watch online

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight's Skills Competition will take place at 6 PM CT on NBCSN, SportsNet, and TVA Sports across the United States and Canada.

There will be six events unfolding at the NHL Skills Competition. they are:

  • Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater
  • Honda NHL Breakaway Challenge
  • DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting
  • Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay
  • Amp NHL Hardest Shot
  • Discover NHL Shootout

The NHL has explained the rules for each event. For all rules and explanation of events see the Official NHL All-Star Game website.

Bridgestone Fastest Skater

  • * The contest consists of four races, (two players skating at one time).
  • * One skater from each team is positioned side by side on the start line, both skaters race towards the same end zone, both turn outward, skate to the opposite end zone, turn back and skate past centre ice to the finish line.
  • * The winner of each match is the skater with the fastest time as recorded by the timing devices.
  • In case of a clock malfunction, the official time will be recorded by the referee’s stopwatch.

Honda Breakaway Challenge

  • * Shooters can start their routine from anywhere in the neutral zone and have full access to the offensive Zone, including behind the net. (NHL penalty shot rules do not apply)
  • * Each skater will attempt three shots.
  • * Players alternate after each skater attempts one shot.
  • * The in-arena and television audiences will vote via Twitter for their choice of winner.

DraftKings NHL Accuracy Shooting

  • * Four head-to-head matches featuring one shooter from each team.
  • * Four destructible styrofoam targets 15 inches in diameter are attached to the goal posts, one target in each corner.
  • * Two players, one on each side of the net, alternately pass pucks to a shooter positioned 25 feet out from the goal line.
  • * Shooters compete at opposite ends of the rink, alternating attempts.
  • * The shooter who hits all four targets in the least amount of time wins the match.
  • * Any contact of a target by a puck that is shot is scored as a hit.

Gatorade NHL Skills Challenge Relay

* Event consist of 4 relays with the following skills;

  • One timers -- three shooters, 1 passer (Each shooter must score two goals)
  • Passing -- one passer (Passer must complete a pass into each of the four nets)
  • Puck Control Relay -- one skater (Skater with puck skates through a series of cones)
  • Stick Handling -- one skater (Skater controls puck through a series of pucks)
  • Goalie Goals -- one goalie (Goalie must score two goals)

* For one of the relay's the one timer shooters must be lefties and for the other relay they must be righties
* Each skill must be completed before moving on to the next skill. Referee whistles/signals start of next skill
* This is a timed event, with the fastest time winning.

Amp NHL Hardest Shot

  • * Four head-to-head matches featuring one shooter from each team.
  • * Players alternate shots. Two attempts for each player.
  • * A single puck is positioned on the ice 30 feet from the center of the goal. A player, starting no further than the nearest blue line, may skate towards the puck and shoot it from its positioned spot into the goal. The highest recorded shot (in mph) of two attempts will be scored.
  • * Shots must be on goal to be calculated and all shots are recorded by radar in miles per hour.
  • * If a puck enters the goal uncalculated due to a malfunction of the radar equipment, the shooter will be allowed an additional attempt.
  • * If player breaks his stick he will be given another attempt.

Discover NHL Shootout

  • * Event consists of three rounds
  • * Each round is two minutes
  • * Seven skaters and one goalie from each team participate in each round
  • * For each round the clock is set for two minutes, a goalie from each team is in their net and seven players from each team are lined up to face the opposing goalie
  • * Each round begins on the referees whistle and the first player to shoot is from the team that is trailing in overall competition points. If the score is tied the home team shoots first.
  • * Teams alternate shooting and each player has a maximum of 10 seconds to take a shot
  • * The seven participating players in each round continue rotation in a round until time runs out
  • * Every third puck put in to play will be a Discover Card puck
  • * Each scoring attempt is officiated in accordance with NHL shootout rules.

In the Twin Cities area, you can find NBC Sports network on:

  • Comcast channels 68 in SD; 877 HD
  • Charter channels 64, 434 in SD; 806 HD
  • Mediacom channels 170 SD; 827 HD
  • DirecTV channel 220
  • DISH Network channel 159

You can also stream NBCSN broadcasts with the NBC Sports LiveExtra mobile app. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Or you can stream it live on your computer. NBC Sports LiveExtra is free and is gated by your TV package with your television provider.