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NHL All-Star Game 2015: Preview

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

After a long layoff due to the 2014 Sochi Olympics and a stupid work stoppage, the NHL All-Star game is back in 2015. Started in the 2011, the NHL changed the way the teams were selected and instead went back to how teams were selected on the school yard. Pick two captains and select one by one until all of the All-Star players are picked. Players, coaches, and media alike gathered in Columbus, Ohio for the mid-season celebration of skill.

Ryan Suter, the Minnesota Wild's only representative, is just playing in just his second career All-Star Game. He was drafted by Jonathan Toews and will play for Team Toews along with former Nashville Predators defensive partner Shea Weber. Suter has just 1 goal, 24 assists, for 25 points in just 42 games played this season.

Sunday's game caps off a weekend of festivities that included the NHL Skills Competition. Team Foligno won handily, but Shea Weber posted the second fastest recorded shot in the Hardest Shot event with a slap shot clocked at 108.5 MPH.

The last two games featured 42 goals scored between the two teams. These are normally high scoring affairs as little to no defense is played. The physicality is non-existent and the goalies are left out to dry. That doesn't mean that the game isn't worth watching. If you like offense and these highly-skilled athletes, then you will see a display of some extreme play-making abilities.