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Wilderness Walk: 11

Yesterday there was a hockey game, but that's not important right now.

A picture taken by my father of me on a beach in New Zealand.
A picture taken by my father of me on a beach in New Zealand.
Aaron Holm

Last night your Minnesota Wild put up a valiant effort but fell short against the Chicago Blackhawks. That's really not important right now though. Late Wednesday night former Minnesota North Stars workhorse JP Parise died after battling lung cancer over the past year. JP, obviously, was Zach Parise's father. They were close, incredibly close.

Life doesn't always go as one might plan. If it did, there would be no cancer in this world because I cannot fathom anyone would plan for such a thing. JP Parise was more than just a hockey player, mentor and coach. He was first and foremost a father and a husband.

By now you have all very likely read many tributes to the late Parise. You can't round a corner in Minnesota right now without this news hitting you directly in the face. I'm not going there today.

Instead, I would like to honor JP's memory by honoring all of our fathers and mothers, our sons and daughters, and our husbands or wives. The demographic of those that read Hockey Wilderness is vast. Many of you may be fathers or mothers yourselves. Hopefully, not too many of you have lost your father or mother, your sister, or brother.

The family around you are the ones who have shaped the person you've become, and in return, you have helped shape who they have become. We honor these people, because we love and respect them more than anyone in our lives. They are the glue that hold us together when the pressures of everyday life are trying to pull us apart. They are the ones we laugh with when gathering for a family event, and the ones we lean on and cry with in moments of tragedy.

I'll spare you all the story my father bringing me to a Bruins vs. North Stars game at the Met Center during the 1991 World Series. For those of you who have conversed with me in the comments or read one of the numerous posts I've written that detail that particular tale, you're welcome.

Instead We're going to travel to the land of Hobbits!

All the way back in 2005, I was gifted the opportunity to travel to New Zealand with my father and step-mother, for an entire month, starting the day after my birthday. For me, it's not any one memory that sticks out as the "best one" with my father, but rather a continuous string of memories with my father that stick out.

Let me tell you now, totally worth going, but man that flight is a test (from Minnesota at least). We stayed around Aukland the first week, but the rest we used to tour most of the North Island.

Treacherous roads with 80 foot drops, no curbs and no guard rails directly into the ocean. Active volcano's and the town of Rotorua littered with geothermal geysers that wreaked of sulfur. Ocean fishing, saw a shark and a school of dolphins swam next to the boat for a time. Stargazing on a deserted beach in the middle of nowhere. And of course, a solid month of my adult life on an Island in the South Pacific, with my father.

It was absolutely amazing. An entire experience I don't think I would have appreciated as much as a kid as I did as a young man in my mid-twenties. That month of memories was nearly 10 years ago, yet it feels like it was just yesterday. I'm fortunate enough to still have my folks around. News like this always makes me appreciate that fact a little more.

Love the little tribe that surrounds you called family. You could spend a lifetime growing with them but after they're gone, it would still feel like it wasn't enough.

R.I.P Jean-Paul Parise

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