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Wilderness Walk: Que Bien! Edition

I get ready to say good-bye to a favorite hobby of mine, the Wild enjoy a quiet game before playing in Glendale, and an 11-year-old blogs.

Couldn't find a pic of a Wild player doing sketch comedy, so this happy Coyle pic will have to do.
Couldn't find a pic of a Wild player doing sketch comedy, so this happy Coyle pic will have to do.
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

With no Big Topic of the Day™, I'm just going to start talking about a part of my life that's wrapping up this week.

For the past two years, I've been involved with a sketch comedy show in Duluth called Kirov By Night (KBN for short, or Que Bien! for Spanish-speaking audiences).

That ends this Friday.

After several years of shows, Duluth's best sketch comedy/late-night talk show hybrid will wrap up, which is going to be sad for just about everyone involved. Much like I feel here at Hockey Wilderness, it was an absolute privilege to work with the group of smart, funny, and talented people that I've gotten to work with. I've greatly appreciated the chance to grow as a writer and performer, growth I owe to the people on the writing staff pushing me to do the best I can.

There will be time to reminisce next week, though. With my last sketch finalized yesterday, there's nothing left but rehearsals, and the finale.

If you're interested in seeing some of the sketches, here are a couple. For those of you who can make it to Duluth this Friday, the show is free, and at The Underground at 8 PM.

In lieu of a music selection, you should check out the newest episode of our podcast, if you haven't yet. 50 minutes Award-Winning discussion!

Oh, what? You need a music selection, too? Fine...

Wild News

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Off the Trail

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